Yabuki Nako appeared in Lotte commercial before HKT48

Before her time in HKT48 (in elementary school), Yabuki Nako appeared in a commercial for “Koala March” crackers, for Japanese snack maker Lotte.

If you’re curious about “Koala’s March”, it is a Japanese snack that is basically a chocolate filled cracker.  It is named so because of the Koala designs on each cracker.  Here’s a reference photo:


Nako reveals that she was a child actor for one of the snack’s commercials, during an MC segment at the recent Gum Rock Festival (featuring HKT48 vs Nogizaka46).

While talking, she claims that  her strong point is that she has the longest show business history of all the members on stage (which is when she reveals her CM appearance).  This is despite being only 14 years old!

The MC segment can be seen here (Nako’s portion starts around):

Naturally, 2ch has caught wind of this, and has apparently found the exact commercial she appeared in:

According to Japanese netizens, Nako is the girl on the far left. Ironically, she is the tallest child in the commercial!

Author: reika

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    how old was she exactly when she started doing commercials? the team A kenkyuusei, hiwatashi yui was also a TV CM star back when she was young around..4/5 i guess? so if this is the case it’s not nako-chan alone lol nako probly doesn’t know yui-chan yet so she doesn’t know that there’s both of them lol :))

    • reika

      Nako-chan does not mention her exact age, just that it was during her elementary school years for that specific commercial. Thats funny if they know each other from then!