hkt48 4th generation audution

Universal Music Japan to conduct HKT48 4th generation auditions

We had first heard about HKT’s 4th generation a few months ago; but today, there’s news that record company Universal Music will be conducting the audition.

This news comes courtesy of an article on Oricon Style. I am honestly not sure what to think, as the previous announcement in December had slightly different information. Perhaps things have changed slightly behind the scenes?

The old website is still available for viewing. What’s noteworthy is that the old site now has a link to Universal Music’s new site (see a cached version of the old page).

hkt48 4th generation audition
HKT48 4th generation website, hosted by Universal Music

The new website, hosted on Universal Music Japan’s domain, has a few added lines of text presumably outlining what they are looking for:

“This time, Universal Music is recruiting. For HKT48’s new member audition, we are especially looking for a ‘song specialist’! All genres and nationalities welcome. If you want to win a battle through song, please apply! Of course, we’re not just looking for vocalist: with your dance, looks, and unique character, we’re seeking genius that will bring a fresh new ‘wind’ to HKT48. If you have the confidence to say, ‘I will change Japan’s idols!’, we are waiting for you!”

Wow, it’s quite a mouthful.  But what’s interesting here is that nationality doesn’t matter, so maybe some non-Japanese will show up?

Personally, I’m more excited for HKT48’s new generation now. Hopefully they find some great singers!

Author: reika

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