News Roundup #10: it’s too cold to type edition

Do you know the word, hieshou “冷え性”? It describes when someone gets cold very easily. That perfectly describes me!  But don’t worry, because this AKB news roundup will warm us both up.

I will do another news roundup tomorrow if I have the time; I need to focus and go study! (´Д`)ハァ…

NGT48’s new radio show guest stars the Mayor of Niigata

NGT48 is really working to build up a local fanbase.  On their new radio show, which is titled, “NGT48 no gachi! Gachi? Sousenkyo”, their guest was the Mayor of Niigata!

Kawaei Rina in TV drama Tokyo Sentimental

She appears in episode 3:


Although not quite a prime time drama, it seems Rina is doing well these days.

Takamina visits LINE

LINE is a messaging app that is pretty popular in Japan these days, and has basically replaced cellphone mail and messaging.  Takahashi Minami visits the company during a TV show, and she poses with some of LINE’s iconic characters:


Hashimoto Nanami’s Koisuru Bunka

We talked about this previously, but Hashimoto Nanami’s new TV show, titled Koisuru Bunka, is nearing its air date of February 19, 2016. One Twitter user has spotted poster advertisements for the show. Here it is:

Matsui Jurina not participating in SKE48 national tour?

SKE48 is conducting in another national tour, which aims to visit all 47 prefectures.  What’s odd is that the tour schedule doesn’t have Matsui Jurina’s name on it:

Commentators on a recent 2ch thread note of her absence and wonder about its reasons, since she no longer has obligations of AKB concurrency. One can only wonder.

Former Nogizaka46 Member goes on vacation with porn star

According to 2ch, former Nogizaka member Yamaoto Rina recently went on a vacation (admittedly a short one, to South Korea) with former SKE48 member Kito Momona.

For the uninformed, Momona graduated from SKE48 in mid 2014, and she later made her adult video (AV) debut the same year.

NGT48’s new original song, “MAX toki 315 go”

I have no idea what this title means (it sounds like a train?) However, the lyrics recently made it on a Japanese newspaper ahead of its release:


Yabushita Shuu comments on HKT48 Documentary

She really likes it.

Translation: “By the way, I saw the HKT48 documentary, which was released the same day as ours.  I cried so much! It was so, so good. Frustrating, sad, tears. Happy tears. So many types of tears were shown. I really, really liked it!”

Umeda Ayaka took a trip to New York

This was recently posted on her official blog. What is the first detail that people notice? Well, according the the Japanese internet, although Ayaka claims to have gone by herself, she pictures suggest otherwise:


What’s amiss here?  Many are noticing that the angle and distance of all her photos are such that they had to be taken by someone else.

By yourself, you say?!

Notably, there’s a picture where she’s eating pizza, and there are two slices (gasp!).

Fukugawa Mai is the new center of Nogizaka’s 14th single

The first thought that pops into all our heads: Mai is graduating soon, and yet she became the center.  That is an interesting turn of events!  Let’s hope Mai’s last single will turn out well.



Tomonaga Mio to release photobook… maybe?

This seems a little suspect, but this was mentioned rather casually in manga magazine Shukan Young Magazine.  Here is the page in question:


And it says next to her image: “The first appearance from her long awaited photobook”!  Do you believe it?

Takahashi Minami in commercial for “Gan Gan Aigan”

She is joined by Yokoyama Yui and Takahashi Juria. The commercials were released on the AKB48 Youtube channel:

Because I am cursed and live in the United States, I can’t watch these. But maybe you can?

There’s also making-of video which I can’t watch either:

Shimada Haruka loses 12kg in weight

Shimada Haruka, recently took part in a promotional event for Shizuoka Prefecture.  Shimada herself is a native of Shizuoka, and during the event, she reveals that she has lost 12kgs in weight!


Minegishi Minami’s 2nd commercial with RIZAP

We already saw her previously, but here she is for a second round of commercials.

There is the second “eating” version:

NMB48 Manager Kaneko saw Yamato Sayaka changing underwear

This was apparently part of the pamphlet handed out for NMB48’s recently released documentary:



The general gist: Mr. Manager was walking around back stage and thought that everyone had left.  As he was making the rounds, he went to the dressing area, and apparently saw Yamamoto Sayaka just as she was putting on her underwear. Whoops.

Matsumura Kaori injures herself during theater performance

According to one Twitter user, she was squatting down as part of the sound, and her “hips screamed.”:

She later mentions as much on her official blog, and she called the injury proof that she is an old lady!

Muto Tomu is one sexy doctor in CM for “Breeze Light”

Kojiharu doesn’t like going to dance rehearsal


It apparently makes people mad, especially Nishino Miki.  Specifically, she menions the song, “Heart-gata Virus” (which was performed by Shinozaki Ayano, Nishino, and Kojiharu).  Basically, Kojiharu doesn’t know the dance moves, so the other two members are put in a tight spot and are forced to match Kojiharu’s messed up movements.


Iwasa Misaki to perform in NHK Enka Concert

She recently announced her graduation, and it seems that Iwasa Misaki is stepping up her enka career. She will be performing her latest single, “Gomen ne, Tokyo” on the show.

Keyakizaka’s Sugai Yuuka is totally rich

Some photos of her family’s vacation home were revealed:


Yoshida Akari makes her Youtube debut

Do you love Akarin? Do you need girl’s style and fashion advice? Then you should watch Akarin’s youtube channel!  She recently announced the channel’s existence on Twitter:

And here is her first video, where she basically talks about how to properly curl your hair:

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  • Spoiling Everything

    I live in New York and that pizza place she went to has a special. Buy two slices of pizza and one can of soda for $2.75. That saves you 25 cents because the drink sells for $1 dollar. So while I do believe she may have went with her manager, it’s possible she bought those two pizza slices and drink for herself. The slices are very thin!

    • reika

      Oh, is this a popular pizza place? Sure, whether she was by herself or not, I guess some people just like to poke fun at really, really circumstantial types of “evidence.” I also heard that thin-style is typical of New York’s pizza? I never been, but 2.75 sounds like a good deal!

      • Spoiling Everything

        Yes it’s a good deal and very delicious. That pizza place is popular in Manhattan for its good pizza deals. There are several of those pizza stores in Manhattan and each one is usually full of people. I wonder if they will bring that store to Japan just like New York brought Shake Shack to Japan hahaha.

  • 玲可、記事お疲れさんどす。勉強頑張ってくれたまえ!

    • reika


  • Isaias Rodriguez

    News #15 「Akward… XD」

  • Derek Vasconi

    I think if Umechan went to NYC with a guy that wasn’t her manager, assuming that’s the issue here, who cares? She’s graduating. And she’s almost 30. And she’s very pretty. I’m happy to see Umechan in my country having fun and eating some well loved East Coast Pizza, which I miss because I now live on the West Coast. Umechan, ganbatte yo!
    Also, Kojiharu not knowing the dance moves? Well, a part of me thinks this isn’t so surprising because it’s, well, Kojiharu we’re talking about. But then the other part of me thinks that since she’s a first generation member, she should kind of know the moves by now, eh? Lol. Typical AKB nonsense, but in a good way.

    • reika

      I think so too about Ayaka. It reminds me of some rumors when someone saw Uchida Mayumi at Disneyland, the day after her graduation announce. I’m glad they can find love!

      lol, I thought Kojiharu is just legend status, since she’s one of the OG members, so she just what she feels randomly. I’ll still miss her when she graduates though.

      • Derek Vasconi

        I hadn’t heard that about Uchida. But whatever on that as well. Uchida had outgrown AKB long before she decided to graduate.
        Also, I fully support the love ban, but up to a point. I think the older members who are practically entering middle adulthood shouldn’t be so constrained by the love ban. The love ban works great, I think, for the super younger girls to keep them in line and focusing on their dancing and singing training. I think that just makes sense, and is no different to me than when a soldier enters basic training and isn’t even allowed to LOOK at a girl, much less date one, for two months. So if Umechan decided to get her groove on a little bit before she graduated, I say good for her. The girl has earned it. She has been so solid for AKB over the years and often without being thanked or recognized for it, and now it’s time for her life to go another direction. I’m sad to see her go, but I’m also very happy for her. Umechan has always been a chill, down to earth girl that really DID seem like an idol you can go to meet, and who is just an everyday girl with an extraordinary ability to dance and sing. Here’s to Umechan and what’s next–YOSH IKUSHOOO!