News Roundup #10.5: Postscript edition

This next edition is to round out yesterday’s round up, because silly things like reading textbooks impede my idol fandom. Enjoy some more AKB news!

NGT48 Mobile goes into maintenance mode

And the results are pretty funny:


You’ll forgive her, won’t you?  I guess that depends on how much you like Kaot Mina!


Happy Birthday Kojina Yui

HKT48’s Kojina Yui’s birthday came to pass recently and, like most birthdays, was celebrated during a theater performance (which took place on February 1st).  How was outside the theater adorned?  Well, since you ask (courtesy of AKB Memorist):


Imagine yourself as Yui during the election!

AKB48 Group Summer Festival details announced

According to King Records, the 10th anniversary single is going to be released on March 9th.  As part of the new 43rd single, the “anniversary special event”, is going to be the AKB48 Group Summer Festival.  Tickets to the event are included with the CD. Oh.


Sasshi’s book gets a bump in sales after Takamina releases her own

Takahashi Minami’s book, dubbed as part of the “AKB Reading Series”, went on sale last December, with the title, “Leader no ron”.  Before that, in August of 2014, Sashihara Rino released her own book, “Gyakuten roku”.

According to Oricon News, who is quoting Sashihara Rino, Sasshi’s book was finally able to achieve 100,000 copies sold, a boost that she says Takamina’s own book sale helped along.

Mastui Rena buys Ikuta Erika’s photbook

Translation: “I bought my beloved Ikuta-princess’s photobook. Of all the photobooks I’ve seen, this is the best one.  I can look at it forever!

Sasshi goes on a fried chicken date with Football Hour’s Goto

It’s not unusual to see them together, as they both appear on HKT Odekake.  However, one Twitter user randomly posts about spotting them together:

Translation: “All of the sudden, I saw AKB48’s Sashihara-san and Football Hour’s Goto-san visit Tori & Deli in Togoshi-ginza. They ate Fried Chicken.”

Unverified proof of celebrity sightings!  What’s funny here is that: 1) The user mistakes Sasshi as AKB, and not HKT; and 2) Togoshi Ginza is in the southern part of Tokyo.

Actually, that second through probably makes sense, since Sasshi most likely spend a lot of time in Tokyo anyway.

Blu-ray / DVD version of Sayaka’s photobook?

There are no details here, but it smply appeared NMB48’s web site:

yamamoto sayaka sy photbook dvd blu ray.jpg


It simply describes it as a video version of Yamamoto’s photobook, “SY”, which went on sale early 2015.

NGT48’s Winter sports week CM

We mentioned in a previous news roundup that NGT48 was going to be participating in a winter sports show, airing on NHK. Well, the CM for that show has appeared on NHK’s official facebook page. Here’s the video (you’ll need a facebook account to view it):

NHKウィンタースポーツウィーク(2月11日(木)~14日(日))NGT48 いきなりNHKウィンタースポーツの顔へ。





アイスホッケー男子 ピョンチャン五輪二次予選(札幌)

FISアルペンスキーワールドカップ2016 男子・大回転(湯沢・苗場)
第33回日本カーリング選手権 女子・決勝 男子・決勝(青森)
ジャンプ女子ワールドカップ 第13戦リュブノ大会(スロベニア)

FISアルペンスキーワールドカップ2016 男子・回転(湯沢・苗場)
ジャンプ女子ワールドカップ 第14 戦リュブノ大会 (スロベニア)


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