News Roundup #11: Avenger Advent edition

I need a new PC. But that is not your concern! There is some news here that does not involve Sasshi’s butt, I promise. Please enjoy a summary of recent AKB48 News.

SKE’s Umemoto Madoka announces graduation

The graduation rush continues. SKE48’s Umemoto Madoka announces her graduation. Here’s her comment on Twitter:

Translation: “In the theater today, I announced my graduation. I’m very thankful to all of the people who have supported me up until this point. It’s preciously because you were there for me that I am here, and I’ve made the decision to take one more step toward my dream. I’ll write more about my graduation on my blog. I hope that you’ll still continue to support me and SKE48.”

Another big summer event in August?

Head of AKS AKB48 custom service center, Togasaki Tomonobu teases a summer event in August, via 755:


One fan says: “Good Evening, for this summer festival, besides having a stage event, will there be any template festival food stalls, or something like that?”

Togazaki’s reply: “This time, it’s just the handhsake event and summer festival; there isn’t a lot of space to do that kind of thing, so food stalls might be hard.  But if there’s a good response this time around, we might do another big summer event in August, so we might do something there!”

Yagura Fuuko surrounded by Yakuza



I’m not sure how I found this…!

AKB48 Swimming Competition: swimming with fans!


Having caught news about the big, secret Summer event being launched in August (as mentioned by Togasaki on 755), 2ch begins to speculate about what it could be.

Of course, it could only be one thing: a summer Swimming Competition event where fans also participate!

Naturally, it is fake, but 2ch speculate what an event might be like:

  • If there’s a joust I can take part in, I’m all for it.
  • If you don’t have a special space just for wota, the toilets are going to total chaos
  • Now you can only include members that can swim
  • So I guess this is a Team 8 limited special?
  • Team 8 would totally beat everyone!  Yokomichi-chan is really fast.
  • No one is going to an idol swimming competition because of the fast swimming.
  • There might be “wardrobe malfunction”!
  • I might have a “wardrobe malfunction” in front my oshimen.

Yamauchi Suzuran hurts her hand

And this therefore only able to do handshakes one-handed.  Get better soon Suzuran!

Kotani Riho changes her name, wtf?

Rippo has decided to change her name to “Miaki Riho”.  From Twitter:

“I’m changing my family name. ‘Kotani’ doesn’t really fit well. And from now, even if ‘Ripopo’ doesn’t fit well, and I couldn’t really a good feel for it, so I’m changing my name. This is the family name of one of my relatives”


Well, Ripopo is graduating, so hopefully a name change will do her well.

SKE48’s Yamashita Yukari announces graudation

This was announced just yesterday in the theater.  Here is a translation of her comment:

“I, Yamashita Yukari, have decied to graduated from SKE48. I’ve been thinking about this for two years, and I talked to alot of people about it last year. I wanted to tell everyone as soon as possible, and I want to value my remaining time with you even more. That is why I choose to announce this now. No details have been decided. There are still weekend handshake events for February, and I’ll still be in the theater. I would be very happy if you came to see me. Thank you for all your support.” (私、山下ゆかりはSKE48を卒業することを決めました。2年前から悩んでいて、去年から色んな方とお話しをしました。一刻も早く皆さんに伝えて、残りの時間をもっと大事にしたいなという事で、このタイミングで発表させて頂きました。まだ詳細などは全然決まっていないので、2月も土日に握手会があるし、公演もまだまだ出ますので、皆さん会いに来てくださると嬉しいです。最後まで宜しくお願いします)

Takamina’s photo diary gets a cover

We talked briefly  before about Takamina’s photo diary book being released.  Now, it has a cover:


Matsui Rena is classy

She appears in the March issue of Japanese magazine, “CLASSY”.  Here are off-shot photos courtesy of Rena’s Twitter:




SKE48 Members visit the NGT48 theater

SKE48 members Ego Yuna, Shibata Aya, and Goto Rara briefly show up and visit NGT48’s new theater:






Tomonaga Mio really does get a photbook

What was formerly just a blip on a single page, in black & white, from a manga magazine turned to be the truth!


Tomonaga Mio will be releasing her first photo book, which is titled, “Hinata” (日向), and is scheduled to go on sale March 30.

Join Team 8 for a Valentine’s event

Actually, not all of Team, but one of its members, Sagaguchi Nagisa.  If you happen to be in Sapporo, and perhaps want to buy a car (?), you can attend to the opening of a “Toyopet”, which is one of Toyota’s chain of car dealerships.


Watch the full version of GUM ROCK FES.

The Gum Rock Festival featured Nogizaka46 vs HKT48, and took place late in January.  A “full version” was uploaded to Gum Lotte’s official youtube channel, for you viewing pleasure!

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