Useless #41.5: Butt butt butt Sasshi butt butt bottom

I can’t not look at it. It’s all over the place. But please enjoy another look at Sashihara Rino’s butt.

If you have no fear of butts, please read on!

How ironic!

On a recent episode of Sashi Kita Gassen, members complete at lifting up figurines of their respective captains.  Here are they are at work:

sashi kita gassen 01

And they inevitably drop their captains, butts in full view:sashi kita gassen 02

Sasshi’s reaction to her likeness’s butt being exposed:sashi kita gassen 03

Translation: “Cover the butt, cover the butt”!

Oh, the irony.

That almost looks like Aki-P…

You’ve seen this. Here you go:

sashihara rino butt 指原 さっし ケツ

Remember that pose, and brace yourself! See:

cunning takeyama butt カンニング竹山 お尻

That’s quite a good likeness. But, no, that’s not Akimoto Yasushi, that’s actually one member of comedy duo, Cunning. He’s often referred to as, Cunning Takayama.

Not enough butt?

That is enough butt for today. No? If you need some more butts, check out:

I’m only slightly disturbed by the number of times we have written about butts. It’s not enough!


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Author: reika

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  • Sam

    Reika san, why you did this to me? that last image almost killed me, everything was going perfect.. haha

    By the way, the title of this post is the best thing ever xD LOOL

    • reika

      LOL. I saw this a few days ago, and I just remembered yesterday. I needed to share my discomfort with all of you :)))

  • Isaias Rodriguez

    I can see so see this on the ” Who wore it better?” Section in fashion magazines XD

    • reika

      Honestly I had to google “who wore it better” :))) Someone should try to make an AKB version, lol.

  • Derek Vasconi

    Oshiris are so awesome, especially when attached to a kawai idol like Sasshi!
    The only thing is… I was hoping to see the rest of that picture that you have as the featured image for this post! The bottom half sure is lovely though!
    The bottom part of this post is, well, not maybe as lovely, for me anyway? Lol. AKI-P????!!!! WHYYYYY!!! Lol. Once again, funniest post ever by you guys. And awesome too. More Oshiri posts, please!

    • reika

      Here you go :)))

      • Derek Vasconi

        AAAAAHHH!!!! Reika san, arigato gozaimasu!!!! Sasshi is lovely in this picture! Black one piece dresses like this really are the best, aren’t they?
        This is so awesome. Thank you again. I’m blown away even more by Sasshi’s oshiri now that I can see it proportionate to the rest of her. WOW.