Lonely Japanese Office Lady

Lonely OL-chan series: How else would you spend your weekend?

Like ice cream after a long day’s work, sometimes it is the small pleasures in life that help you relax.

Hi there. Welcome to Lonely OL-chan series! To practice my translation and writing skills, I’ll be translating a series of tweets from Twitter user @black9arrows, featuring the fictitious everyday life of a lone Japanese Office Lady (or “OL” for short).

“I drew a picture of an OL, living by herself, as she spends her Saturday night building a Zoid*”

* For the uninformed, a “Zoid” is a line of model-kit toys that you assemble yourself (Perhaps Gundam model-kits would be more well-known amongst a Western audience?). Reference image of Zoids:


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Here are more entries in the OL-Chan series:

Author: yuki

  • Jack

    That’s a great way to spend the weekend. She won’t be feeling lonely at all!

    • yuki

      It is certainly not a bad thing to do! I am more into Gundam however haha.