Useless #42: Sayanee’s face, moonwalking, Doraemon, kissy kissy

Don’t read this! There is no benefit here! Unless you somehow consider the following useful: Yamamoto Sayaka’s face, HKT’s moonwalking, Doraemon the closet wota, and girls kissing all over the place. Don’t read this!

If you’re reading this now, it means you didn’t listen to me! Shame on you. But now that you’re here, you might as well enjoy the following:

Sayanee’s face is so interesting

It seems that NGT48 members are especially interested in that chin:



You can’t really blame them. Sayanee has such an interesting face to begin with:

sayanee face

But it’s definitely funniest when she does her impression of Totoro:

Another version:

sayanee さや姉 トトロ

And another!!

sayanee さや姉 トトロ

HKT48 members do a special dance.

It’s the moonwalk!

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Doraemon, the idol wota

Japan’s famous blue robot cat, Doraemon, throws down his forbidden wota dancing:




In this scene, he is dancing to “Koi suru Maririn”! Clearly, he is ONE OF US! 

All the girls kissing

Actually, only two this time, but we have discussed in great detail, the science behind girls kissing several times. Okay, maybe too many times.

We all know that the pocky game is an excuse to kiss, and Hirata Rina and Chiba Erii pull it off very well:

Imgur GIF

Enlarged, slow motion version (for research purposes, of course!):

Imgur GIF

And before I forget, things get steamy with Mayuyu and Sawajiri Erika:

Imgur GIF

Imgur GIF

That’s all!



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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    the kissing scenes were too much for me to handle XD…..

  • Derek Vasconi

    I didn’t realize Hillary dyed her hair? Another Momochan? Awesome!
    Also, kissing scenes were just way too amazing. All good stuff!

  • Jack

    Wow those kissing scenes… yes

  • Sam

    I’m a badass guy, I kept reading till the end… yeah, fear me. lol

    Looks like Mayuyu has some really good kissing skills…

  • yuki

    Damn, that close up made me look away from the screen! 😛

  • Kevin Trejo


  • nyanharu

    try to watch mayuyu and erika’s last kissing scene in slow mo and you will notice that they used tongue to each other 😮 way to go mayuyu!!

  • Ikky “Ikmal” Maverick

    Anyone know what movie (or drama or whatever) is Mayuyu gif is from?