Useless #43: Yuria cooks, Miki’s face, Mion and Sasaki’s legs

I had a long weekend killing aliens and eating BBQ, but that is useless information. It is also almost as useless as this post! What’s here today? I’m glad you asked: Yuria’s cooking, more of Miki’s face, Mion & Sasaki’s legs.

Kizaki Yuria cooks in her underwear

I sometimes wonder about gravure shoots. The sets mostly, and what a girl is thinking when she is sitting around posing.

For instance, here is Kizaki Yuria in a photo shoot for “Manga Action” magazine:


So many questions. So little time. I don’t cook half-naked very often, but each time I always worried about splatter**.

Maybe Yuria naturally does things in her underwear all the time, like study:


Miki’s face again

We’ve all seen previously that Miki has a very interesting face. For posterity’s sake, let’s keep looking a little more:

nishino miki's funny faces hengao-06

nishino miki's funny faces hengao-05

nishino miki's funny faces hengao-04

nishino miki's funny faces hengao-03

nishino miki's funny faces hengao-02

nishino miki's funny faces hengao-01

You might as well enjoy Miki’s kiss while we’re at it:

Imgur GIF

Sasaki Yukari’s legs

Yukari’s kicking action is very… strong?

Look for the girl with the highest kicks:

Imgur GIF

And again, even in the back row:

Imgur GIF

Also, KICK:

Imgur GIF

Mukaichi Mion’s legs

We have come full circle with Kizaki Yuria. While she is not cooking and studying half-naked, she is apparently touching other girls legs!

Update: stupid me, that’s actually Mogi Shinobu grabbing Mion (^^;


A closer look:



** PS: I don’t cook half naked :)))


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Author: reika

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  • Enrique Santiago

    Omg, those kicks… i really like see her dance, is so energetic, thats why yukarun is one of my favourites members.
    I think that the girl with Mukaichi is Mogi Shinobu and not Kizaki.

    • 35mmView

      You are right about it being Mogi with Mion.
      They are after all a lovey dovey couple 🙂

    • reika

      I didn’t know Yukarun is so energetic. I don’t watch theater’s so often — is she always like that?

      Sorry, it’s updated :))) Someone showed me the photo, and the face is cut off, but I thought its Yuria. My mistake!

  • yuki

    Damn, that collage of Miki faces is the stuff of nightmares.

    • reika


  • Derek Vasconi

    The kicking is the best! that last meme could be enough to convince a martial arts movie director to hire Yukarun! Daaang!
    Also, Mion looks really great in that pic where Mogi is moles…I mean touching her lol.
    And who cooks naked? Or half-naked? Too much chance to get burned! Gravure shoots are truly fantasies, ne?

  • Kevin Trejo

    Men I would “kill” to see Yuria-Chan cooking for me half-naked for me !!!! Every men have the right to dream you know