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Valentine’s in Japan: obligation chocolate Pocky

What kind of chocolate do you give to someone you do not really care about, but are obligated none the less? Pocky has you covered with these “obligation choco” Pocky snacks.

Valentine’s Day in Japan is an interesting affair: on said day, typically it is females who are encouraged to give chocolates to their male counterparts, those she loves or otherwise.

But therein lies in the conundrum, which has given rise to two varieties of Valentine’s Day chocolate: the “obligation chocolate”, or giri choco (義理チョコ), and the “true feeling chocolate”, or honmei choco (本命チョコ).

For fans of anime or Japanese culture, this may not a new concept, but for the uninformed, these two chocolate varieties are exactly true to their name: giri-choco is cheap chocolate that is given to male counterparts with whom the female in question has no romantic attachments. This could be male co-workers, or other casual acquaintances.

Honmei-choco on the other hand, as you may have guessed, is chocolate that is given to husbands and boyfriends (potential or otherwise). In my own experience (not that I have many to speak of, mind you!), honemei-choco is often home made, brought to fruition by her own hands, and filled with love. If you are a guy, this is the chocolate that you want.

Giri-choco is, by its very nature, inexpensive and cheap looking. But if you are handing out chocolates and feel the need to explicitly spell things out, Pocky has you covered:

giricky obligation chocolate pocky

“Giricky”. The tagline very clearly states: “This is obligation chocolate” (義理チョコです).

However, the brilliant minds at Pocky go even further. Conversely, there is also a version of honmei chocolate Pocky, which has a very… uh… interesting name:

sukky chocolate pocky honmei

Yes, “Sukky”. The tagline says quite simply: “I love you” (あなたが好きです).

The only odd thing here is that the snacks are most likely identical in contents and price.

Valentine’s Day is over, but with Japan’s White Day almost upon us, you will most definitely want the “Sukky”, over the “Giricky”.

Author: yuki

  • reika

    yukiは誰かに本命チョコ貰ったかな? :)))

    • yuki

      Uh, right, dozens of course! LOTS and LOTS of honmei CHOCO.



  • Kevin Trejo

    If you say it in English, it will sounds like “SUCKY” haha

    • yuki

      Oh, the irony in receiving a “Sukky” chocolate, haha.