News Roundup #14: Post Valentine’s Day edition

Did you have a lovely Valentine’s Day? It seems all the girls from 48-groups were fishing everyone at the photo event!  Anyway, enjoy an AKB news summary.

NMB48 in Hanshin Tigers collaboration

Sayanee and other NMB48 members took part in promotional event, on February 12th, 2016, for the Hanshin Tigers (a professional baseball team from Osaka). Oddly enough, the event took place in Tokyo, and Sayaka was introduced as leader of the “TORAKO”, which is nickname for female fans of the Hanshin Tigers.

Here’s a press conference video from MaiDigiTV:

NGT48 Okappa’s “adlib” acrobatics

Kato Mina is not there to do her acrobatics. So, it’s up to Takara Moeka to take her place. The results are…. interesting 🙂



Nnnnnn, it’s not quite a cart wheel, or somersault, but a very enthusiastic roll!

Kimi wa Melody short version

Courtesy of AKB48’s official channel, but here’s the Daily Motion version (for those in the US):

Shiroma Miru’s sister, “Miyuu” elected as part of “Youtube Joshi” audition

The audition was run as a collaboration between record company Avex and management company UUUM.  Miyuu was chosen as a finalist and later interviewed.

If you’re interested in Miyuu please check out her Youtube channel; I really love her cover songs. But the most interesting thing is that she sings mostly in English. Here is probably my favorite one:

Nagao Mariya’s last handshake event

I am wondering if this will draw massive crowds, but Mariyagi (who announced her graduation recently) will have her last handshake event on May 1, 2016.

Yagami Kumi appears in MV, “STEAL-I Ai no mama ni”

Kitahara Rie had a similar type of work with a single by Chris Hart, but this time SKE48 member Yagami Kumi appears in a music by STEAL-I, titled “Ai no mama ni”. You can check out the video here:

Paruru remains completely motionless during first day of Photo Event

Here are two photos from the event with two completely different people:



She was acting a little funny recently, but I wonder if she’s okay sometimes :-/

NMB48 Nishimura Aika announces graduation


She announced her graduation on February 15, 2016 during a theater performance. From her theater commentary, she’s going to be focusing on her English studies as she enters college in April of this year.

Former SKE Ogiso Shiori released “document essay”

The title of the documentary essay is called “Dear.”. According in Oricon, the book is part of a collaboration with “Sakai Project”, and includes photos from her childhood growing up, in addition to “episodes” about her time in SKE48, in addition to her reasons for graduating.

It’s on sale now, but only from the Sakai Project website. No price or other details given. How vague!  But here some of promotional photos:





Yokoyama Yui to appear on Japanese TV show London Hearts

London Hearts is a popular Japanese variety show, and one of their segments involves gathering a group of female celebrities and deciding who has the worst fashion sense.


Unfortunately (or fortunately), Yokoyama Yui will be taking part in the competition for next week’s show — perhaps because she is known for having poor fashion sense? Who knows!

Muto Tomu and Oshima Ryoka start official Twitter account

Wow, it’s about time!

HKT48 Wakatabe Haruka in Nishi Nihon City Bank CM


The commercial itself is  viewable on the Nishi Nihon City Bank website, but here is a Youtube mirror:

SKE48’s 19th single has a name

The name is “Chicken Line”, and it is also the theme song for a movie called “Pripara”. The news first came via newspaper, Chunichi Sports.


Later it was picked up on the web by gaming website Famitsu.


Why a gaming website? Well, Pripara is short for “Prism Paradise”, and is an arcade rhythm game aimed primarily at young girls (young, as in 10 years old or younger). Here is the movie trailer itself:

And, if you’re interested, here’s a sample gameplay:

HKT48 and Lawson Collaboration CM


This is actually pretty entertaining to watch, as HKT48 members do their rapping:

The promotion? If you buy certain goods and then send in the receipt, you get special HKT48 branded goods. It says there are two prizes: 1) a ticket to a special HKT event where you get “play games with HKT48 members” (no other details), and 2) original clear file.


It’s also limited to the Kyushu area where HKT originates!

Good night!

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    haha! wait, wasn’t takamina the previous soukantoku was once voted as unfashionable too? lol but i think her fashion sense became better i guess haha yuihan will be good at coordinating clothes in the future!

  • Sam

    Paruru is not a normal idol…

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    the Paruru picture seems fake

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    Poor Yuihan lol! So funny! I love that she has a good sense of humor about it though. Also, Paruru… she’s such an “S”! I love it.

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    I think I stared at those two Paruru photos for much too long, attempting to discern their differences — to slight for my poor eyes.

    Wakatabe Haruka has grown up!

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