Useless #44: Natsu kissing, wrong Hiwatashi, angry Paruru, and crazy necks

How many useless things have you discovered today? If you need some more useless things in your life, please look here!

Matsuoka Natsumi goes in for a kiss

What would useless news be without girls kissing? I guess not much. So here you go!

Imgur GIF

Sending the right picture?

A twitter user says he was sending important image documents to a member of his company, but he accidentally sent an incorrect photo.

hiwatashi yui


Do you keep pictures of Hiwatashi Yui on your phone?!

Another unexplained Paruru

Imgur GIF

I’m not sure what she’s doing here, but it’s still cute and useless!

Crazy neck moves!

I don’t know much about dancing, but some of these dance moves look pretty tough on the neck:

Imgur GIF

Oh, those expressions, and the other girls backing away….

This other dance move is also pretty impressive:

Imgur GIF


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Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • Derek Vasconi

    I’m dying laughing at Paruru. Even when she’s mad, she’s adorable! Kawaaaaiii!

  • Jack

    Paruru is whipping the ground lol. Those hair flips look incredible.

  • h36113

    At the topic of keeping idol-pictures on company IT: yes!

    I work at a tv station and several days ago a reporter wanted to do some scenes at my office.
    So I quickly put up Shimada Haruka´s page from on all my monitors and put the AKB candy-box on my desk.
    It´s at 7:52 in the video.

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    LOL! the hiwatashi part cracked me up hahaha XD also paru still cute when she’s angry (even salt is cute when she’s pounding wannabe yankees hihi x)

  • Btt Nat