2chan says: Do you tell people that you are an AKB otaku?

Is your love of AKB48 out in the open? Or are you a “closet” otaku who keeps their fandom to themselves? One Japanese netizen wonders the same: do you tell people that you are an AKB otaku?

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1:47の素敵な(dion軍)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW f6e0-O2gh):2015/09/12(土) 00:06:33.80 ID:VaqHBxZO0.net
I wonder…

2:47の素敵な(やわらか銀行)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW fbc3-Fm8P):2015/09/12(土) 00:08:43.05 ID:y0GbFmy30.net
I really don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell anyone.

3:47の素敵な(家)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 6274-J6dZ):2015/09/12(土) 00:08:44.80 ID:8XIj/M7Y0.net
Yes. Whenever I get paid, people the next day are always asking, “So how was it?”

5:47の素敵な(岩手県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW 135d-O2gh):2015/09/12(土) 00:09:39.35 ID:+V5hDDog0.net
Yes! At my office, everyone knows what I mean when I say, “Nyan nyan”. LOL

6:47の素敵な(東京都)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 6204-UCnL):2015/09/12(土) 00:10:20.75 ID:zOaqI1gX0.net
Nope. In my everyday life, it just never seems to come up.

8:47の素敵な(地図に無い場所)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 8dc3-Hygv):2015/09/12(土) 00:11:14.35 ID:K2XPtTRW0.net
I talk about it at school. It’s just normal.

10:47の素敵な(滋賀県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ c547-J6dZ):2015/09/12(土) 00:12:18.73 ID:25wAecM/0.net
Yup. When I watch the election, the next day in my morning meeting, that’s the only thing I talk about.

11:47の素敵な(家)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 6274-J6dZ):2015/09/12(土) 00:13:04.14 ID:8XIj/M7Y0.net
Haha, wait a minute! There has got to be other things you talk about.

14:47の素敵な(チベット自治区)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW d9b7-EZe8):2015/09/12(土) 00:17:43.72 ID:uuPuxp8/0.net
I wanted to watch AKB48 TV shows during lunch in the break room, so I just told everyone, lol.

18:芋じい ◆UWQKEOWcoCkJ (芋)@\(^o^)/ (エーイモ SEbe-YoWS):2015/09/12(土) 00:24:05.53 ID:E5KlVftHE.net
I live in a dormitory. One day, I woke up late, and was rushing to get to work. I made a mess in my room, and all my CDs and AKB goods got all over the place.  I was exposed.

But, up until that point, I hid the fact that I was an AKB fan.

20:47の素敵な(pc?)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW a284-EZe8):2015/09/12(土) 00:28:42.63 ID:o4o5vwCI0.net
No.  But, I do tell people that I like Koisuru Fortune Cookie.

22:47の素敵な(東京都)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 0261-tMiZ):2015/09/12(土) 00:44:12.04 ID:bexmnihE0.net
When I get busy at work, my boss asks me, “Do you have enough work?”

23:47の素敵な(家)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 6274-J6dZ):2015/09/12(土) 00:48:17.59 ID:8XIj/M7Y0.net
Haha, yeah, me too. It is kind of weird: but people at my company support my fandom by giving me more hours.

28:47の素敵な(東京都)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ c528-nf1C):2015/09/12(土) 01:08:45.79 ID:kodSLrMg0.net
I would never ever mention it to anyone at work.  They would make fun of me, and then I would become a “black sheep.”

My family knows, so they understand.

32:47の素敵な(栃木県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 4107-J6dZ):2015/09/12(土) 01:20:05.34 ID:odqDj0ZZ0.net
In the past, I did tell people.  But, now I do not tell anyone.  There really isn’t any “honor” in telling people now.

35:47の素敵な(庭)@\(^o^)/ (アウアウ Sabe-qsFi):2015/09/12(土) 02:06:59.66 ID:HPRXtIAna.net
If someone asks me, then I will answer.

38:47の素敵な(台湾)@\(^o^)/:2015/09/12(土) 02:39:12.40 ID:QWvsZ/l/.net
At work, I am constantly using the clear files that I buy from handshake events.

39:47の素敵な(栃木県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW 793c-EZe8):2015/09/12(土) 02:55:52.02 ID:YS06wu9N0.net
If there were someone at my workplace who said that they liked the 48-groups, I think it would be “dangerous” for them

43:47の素敵な(庭)@\(^o^)/ (アウアウ Sa05-HW6o):2015/09/12(土) 04:54:16.45 ID:napIWOWEa.net
If I don’t tell anyone, then I’d be in a real bind if I got a lottery ticket to the theater.  Especially if I did not tell the “normal” people

44:47の素敵な(東京都)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 94e0-aRV5):2015/09/12(土) 05:01:54.96 ID:3Rt60MQI0.net
At my office, there are girls who like Momoiro Clover and Nogizaka46, so we’re always talking about idols.

46:47の素敵な(茸)@\(^o^)/ (スプー Sda8-EZe8):2015/09/12(土) 08:02:49.10 ID:RXKmOWc8d.net
Ever since I told people, I’ve been able to sing my favorite idol songs at karaoke. I’m glad I did.

45:47の素敵な(SB-iPhone)@\(^o^)/ (ササクッテロ Sp8d-O2gh):2015/09/12(土) 07:58:18.40 ID:Jep0Ac4qp.net
I had a “coming out” at my company during the welcome party. I made friends with another wota in a different department.

Where do you stand on your Japanese idol fandom?

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Author: yuki

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    i dont get it, would people in japan look at u differently if they knew that you were an AKB/idol fan? or do people get bullied? as for me, people who really know me knows that i love akb but they dont make fun of me and sometimes people don’t believe that i love this kind of thing haha

    • yuki

      I suppose it will be different for many people, and depending on their circumstances. Even among us in the staff, our experiences differ quite a bit.

  • Jack

    I had the fact from my coworkers and then one day I brought a mug with Yui and Milky’s profile pictures on it. They made fun of me at first but it’s all good now.

    • yuki

      Honestly, that is awesome 🙂 I haven’t brought myself to that stage quite yet.