News Roundup #16: catching up edition

Wow too many things happened. And it rained today again. How is the weather where you live? Anyway, here is some AKB48 news summary!

I’ll write more this week to catch up on the backlog, but here’s the start :)))

1. Maeda Atsuko throws a baseball

I feel like Shiraishi Mai did the same thing, and didn’t do so well, but here is Auchan’s attempt:

Imgur GIF

This was the opening ceremony for a baseball game that took place in Hiroshima on March 6th.

2. What do you think of bald guys?

From Ichikawa Manami’s 755 feed:


Fan: “What do you think of bald guys?”

Manami: “I think they were probably ‘naughty’ when they were young”

If you see a bald person, now you know why they are bald!

3. AKB “kenkyuusei” not allowed to use cell phones in dressing room?

I am not sure if this is a legitimate source, but according to one 2ch thread, “research student” or “kenkyuusei” are not allowed the use their cell phones when in the dressing rooms.

According to the 2ch user, during Takita Kayako’s birthday performance, it’s mentioned in a letter from fellow member Iino Miyabi.

Perhaps I’ll let yuki translate this one for 2ch says? Okay!

4. Sasshi breaks her phone


But according to one 2ch user, this happened a while back, and the crack is just “evolving” and getting worse each day.

5. Ikoma Rina injures her boyfriend

This happened on a recent episode of Nogizaka Under Construction. The segment? “2D Boyfriends”. Ikoma Rina presents her 2D boyfriend to everyone:


… and then the unthinkable happens:

mm160307-0053050734 (1)

Poor guy?

6. Nishino Nanase to be host for new variety show

According to Model Press, The show’s title is called, “Lion’s guu-touch” (Lion’s Fist Bump?). The show is set to start in April, and will be broadcast by Fuji TV.

As for the show’s contents: not a comedy or idol related show at all! The show focuses on young children who are doing their best to become an expert at a certain trade or field. An adult expert in that field will come in and offer special training. The show is labelled as a, “support variety show.”

7. Get your drink on with these NGT48 stickers

We mentioned this before, but there was a promotion with drink maker Pokka Sappor and NGT48: basically, each drink would include a unique sticker of an NGT48 member. Some people were buying up lots of drinks:

But now, from the makers website, ‘s you can now buy an entire case online!


According to the campaign details: 1) there are 25 different stickers, and 2) each case only has 24 drinks. But guess what? A set of all 25 stickers will be included. Thank goodness!

8. Keyakizaka46 in new commercials for Mechakari

From what I gather, Mechakari is a used clothing chain, and they made a slew of commercials featuring Keyakizaka 46 members. In fact, there are 23 version of the commercial! One for each member, following by a long and short version. Here is the short version:

You can watch the other ones on the mechakari youtube channel.

9. Katayama Haruka sings a cover of 365 Nichi Kamihikouki

I’m not 100% sure how I found this, but Katayama Haruka sings the main vocal, and Matsui Sakiko plays piano:

10. 48-group members perform in support concert for Earthquake victims

The concert was in support of the 2011 Tohouku earthquake. JIJI Press provides a summary of the event, and the following news conference:

And some photos from the event itself:




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