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Useless #46: Hilary happenings, Paruru bears, Yukarun’s & Rena’s flying shoes

Hi. Long time, not see, right? (^^ It’s a cold and rainy day here. Won’t you warm up with something useless? For today, enjoy some of this: Shimazaki Haruka and bears, Hirata Rina’s theater mishaps, and Sasaki Yukari’s flying shoes.

46 is a special number, but I have nothing special planned! How about some Japanese vocabulary? OK!

お久しぶり → o-hisashiburi

It’s meaning is: “Long time, no see”. It’s appropriate here, right? Anyway, enjoy some useless things below!

Paruru and bears

I saw Jerry and Yuki try to make some useless news. There were bears, but I thought, “Hmm, not enough bears!”

First we have Paruru:

shimazaki haruka teddy bear

Wow, it’s a big bear. Or maybe Paruru is tiny.

Speaking of bears… here is Kojiharu being… “handled” by a bear:


It doesn’t end there! Behold:

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For some reason, I reminded of this:


Okay, enough bears for today!

Hirata Rina wardrobe malfunction

Taniguchi Megu is not the only one having problems with her clothing falling off during performance. Oh my Hilary:

Imgur GIF

And just for fun, here’s another Hilary blooper:

Imgur GIF

Yukarin’s flying shoes

Speaking of more theater accidents: while Hilary and Megu lose their skirts, Sasaki Yukari chooses to lose her shoes:

Imgur GIF

It seems that Yukarun loses her shoe more than once:

Imgur GIF

And, again!

Imgur GIF

… recovering the shoe (which didn’t quite make it into the seating area):

Imgur GIF

Of course the undisputed queen of shoe flinging must be Matsui Rena:

Imgur GIF


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Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • Sam

    Reika! お帰り!o(^▽^)o

    Where have you been? We’ve been missing you!

    It’s good to have you back (^-^)

    • reika

      ただいま 🙂

  • Derek Vasconi

    Ohisashiburi ne!!!! I really, really missed your useless news report! Your replacements did a great job, but this useless news report is exactly why I am happy to have you back.
    Nande, you ask?
    I literally can’t stop laughing. I mean, like it’s hard to breathe right now, I’m laughing so hard. This is why I love AKB so much… things like this happen. And of course, seeing Hillary mess up during flying get and also the skirt malfunction (My oh my indeed!) is also a nice compliment to all the flying shoes! I had to duck a few times reading this post!
    Great to have you back! More please!

    • reika

      Thanks for waiting 🙂 I hope my replacement can write some more again, lol.

      Honestly, I am surprised shoes don’t fly off more, or some other things? Those dances look pretty intense sometimes.

      • Derek Vasconi

        I always wonder that too! But I think the girls must do a lot of pre dance preparation to make sure nothing comes flying off that isn’t supposed to. at the same time, that’s what is so adorable about them, i.e., the fact that they can mess up and smile and laugh about it. Nobody in the audience expects them to be perfect and it’s all part of watching the idols grow into professionals. I love little moments like these!
        Arigato Reika san!

  • omi

    This is hilarious 😀

  • Jack

    Wow Rena was pretty much trying to launch her shoe. No joke

  • Isaias Rodriguez

    “I wish that shoe would hit me on the head” thought some ota somewhere in the audience.?