News Roundup #17: More catching up

Have you ever had anyone confess their love to you? Yes, no? I imagine in my mind that the girls from 48-groups get confessions all the time! But maybe not? Anyway, enjoy another late AKB news summary!

More to come later this week 🙂

1. Confession ranking on Sashi Kita Gassen

On a recent episode of Sashi Kita Gassen, the girls of NGT and HKT talk about how many times they’ve had someone confess their love for them. What’s the score?

First, NGT:


Unexpectedly, Yamada Noe, who Sasshi picks on for having an “interesting” face, takes top place with 18 confessions!

Here are the HKT members, results:


Sasshi, only twice? Unexpectedly high or low? I guess it depends!

2. Matsui Jurina finally gets a Twitter account

Twitter account seems all the rage for SKE48 member this past year who, for some reason or other, never embraced Twitter quite like other groups’ members.

Coincidentally (or maybe not?), Jurina opened the account on her birthday.

3. SKE48 Miyamae Ami announces graduation

The graduation rush continues, this time Miyamae Ami announced her graduation during a theater person that took place on March 7th.  Her graduation announcement commentary translated as follows:

“I, Miyamae Ami, am aiming to become an actress. The Sun Office Agency contacted me, and I’ve decided to transfer over. Along with that, I’m announcing my graduation, although the date and details are not yet decided. When I think about my last event and things coming to an end, it makes me really sad. I know that my fans understand that feeling too. I want to put those feelings aside, so I hope that you will allow me to graduate. Everything up until now has been thanks to the fans, staff, and other members. It’s not all over yet, so I hope you’ll continue your support and guidance!” (私、宮前杏実は女優を目指していたのですが、サン・オフィスという事務所から声をかけて頂いて、そちらの方に移籍をさせて頂く事になりました。それに伴って卒業発表を今ここでさせて頂くのですが、日程や詳細は全く決まっていないです。

4. On a scale of 1 to 100, what is your personal rating, as an idol?!

Sashi’s personal score?


120?! … honestly, I have to agree!

5. Tanaka Natsumi appears in single senbatsu for the first time in five

Well, this might not be news, but it’s a rare image to see Tanaka Natsumi tearing up:

This is for HKT48’s 7th single, which goes on sale in April 13th, 2016 (title not yet announced).

Congratulations Boss!

6. Kimi wa Melody’s photos include Nogizaka46?!

Well, this is a little unexpected… but maybe not?



There is the coupling song “Nogizaka AKB” on version Type E of the Kimi wa Melody single, so I guess this makes sense!

7. Train station jingle version of NGT’s “Max Toki 315-go”

For the uninformed, when you’re inside a Japanese train station, a very distinct jingle often plays for about 2-3 seconds, and is unique to each station. We’ve already seen 48-group songs being used for train station melodies for Tokyo Metro.

One fellow wota takes the fandom to another level, and creates his own jingle of NGT’s song, “Max Toki 315-go”:

It’s … unexpectedly good — if for nothing else than it actually sounds like a jingle you would hear in the train station!

8. SKE48 Cafe coasters are being redesigned

Have you ever been to an official 48-group cafe? One of the things besides the expensive price, and member-themed food, is that they will often give out coasters (those things you put under your cups!). These coaster are decorated with member’s names and faces, appropriately enough.

Well! According to SKE48 Cafe & Shop official blog, the coasters are being update with a new design, and will now include kenkyuusei (“research student”).

Of course, there are no photos of the new design, as they mention that you will just have to visit the cafe to find out (of course!). Meanwhile, here’s what sample of what a current coaster looks like (this one of Sae):


9. Watanabe Mayu to star in new musical comedy, “Tribeca”


The musical starts showing on April 3rd, 2016, but it doesn’t really say much about it. From the website, the story goes: Watanabe Mayu is part of an office inside a construction agency. There are three other higher ups, and together they tackle problems that arise on a daily basis. Interesting premise, if a bit vague!

Good night!

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