2chan says: Kenkyuusei are not allowed to use cell phones backstage

According to one 2ch user, AKB kenkyuusei, or “research students”, are not allowed to use their cell phones while in dressing rooms, or backstage. The discussion that follows argues the pros and cons of such a rule. Should kenkyuusei be allowed to use their cell phones before becoming full fledged members?

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1: 47の素敵な(庭)@\(^o^)/ (アウアウ Sa3b-snq8) 2016/03/06(日) 19:20:21.16 ID:eX+KpJa5a.net
I heard this during Takita Kayoko’s birthday performance. It was in a letter from Iino Miyabi.

This is the first time I have ever heard of it. What is the point of having this discriminatory rule?

6: 47の素敵な(東京都)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ f31e-6e0I) 2016/03/06(日) 19:22:09.08 ID:uTiSPoWo0.net
It means this: if you have enough free time to play with your phone, you should do something useful, like cleaning the dressing room.

2: 47の素敵な(pc?)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW f357-fAwi) 2016/03/06(日) 19:21:16.89 ID:CeDGxDqL0.net
It’s been like that for a while now.

3: 47の素敵な(WiMAX)@\(^o^)/ (ワイモマー MMc7-fAwi) 2016/03/06(日) 19:21:22.89 ID:VbLeSJgdM.net
It stops them from posting stupid shit on Twitter.

4: 47の素敵な(庭)@\(^o^)/ (アウアウ Sa3b-fAwi) 2016/03/06(日) 19:21:29.01 ID:Bb+orwG9a.net
You are late to the game.

5: 47の素敵な(神奈川県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW ff6b-fAwi) 2016/03/06(日) 19:21:29.72 ID:oQJaVKHc0.net
It’s been that way for a long time.

7: 47の素敵な(大阪府)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW d328-fAwi) 2016/03/06(日) 19:22:27.49 ID:6UoIYpXH0.net
If the research students have enough free time to pick at their phones, they should be “studying” instead.

8: 47の素敵な(千葉県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 03fb-6e0I) 2016/03/06(日) 19:22:43.99 ID:60gzflAC0.net
It’s a good rule.
If they’re free enough to use their phones, it’s better that they learn the songs or memorize dance moves.

9: 47の素敵な(オランダ)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW 8fee-YjMb) 2016/03/06(日) 19:22:45.03 ID:bUd73amT0.net
Well, this isn’t as bad the SKE48 “backstage” area just being the toilet.

11: 47の素敵な(東日本)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ dbf1-AABM) 2016/03/06(日) 19:23:28.21 ID:SxqG/Nz60.net
I suppose this was caused when the 8th gen posted stupid stuff on Twitter after Takamina got.

12: 47の素敵な(dion軍)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイWW cb2b-5I92) 2016/03/06(日) 19:23:44.95 ID:LLifzlPg0.net
It is probably because there are some girls who are messing with their phones all the way up until just before the performance, and then they end up making tons of mistakes while dancing

14: 47の素敵な(茸)@\(^o^)/ (スプー Sdc7-WiG8) 2016/03/06(日) 19:24:59.04 ID:n9gXCiaMd.net
Honestly, regular members should also be forbidden to use their phones.

34: 48の素敵な(catv?)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 57fc-APwY) 2016/03/06(日) 19:44:52.25 ID:gcGuXnD30.net
I agree. This will prevent “accidental” photos from the dressing room.

15: 47の素敵な(庭)@\(^o^)/ (アウアウ Sa3b-thq7) 2016/03/06(日) 19:26:07.71 ID:Y6xxIslYa.net
More than that, they should ban all the snacks too.

17: 47の素敵な(北陸地方)@\(^o^)/ (ガラプー KKff-SjVK) 2016/03/06(日) 19:26:59.04 ID:/+cvUeHnK.net
Well, this will encourage them to try harder and become full fledged members, in order to use their phones.

20: 47の素敵な(新疆ウイグル自治区)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ c740-6e0I) 2016/03/06(日) 19:28:40.43 ID:2vPnU9FT0.net
Do they still make the research students wait outside the elevator in the hallway? It’s really cold nowadays.

26: 47の素敵な(千葉県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW e31a-fAwi) 2016/03/06(日) 19:30:57.06 ID:WW6ronMd0.net
They were all sitting on the ground by the lockers, right?

24: 47の素敵な(茸)@\(^o^)/ (スプー Sdc7-fAwi) 2016/03/06(日) 19:30:46.45 ID:vDorHvisd.net
This has been known for a long time now.

29: 47の素敵な(庭)@\(^o^)/ (アウアウ Sa3b-thq7) 2016/03/06(日) 19:34:27.12 ID:2loh0J7Za.net
I did not know at all. Do the other groups do the same thing?

32: 47の素敵な(やわらか銀行)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ c3ae-6e0I) 2016/03/06(日) 19:40:13.93 ID:FEUnxvQN0.net
They can’t take photos while other members are changing.

35: 47の素敵な(catv?)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW 1378-fAwi) 2016/03/06(日) 19:45:57.93 ID:vIEZ9k4t0.net
I think the other groups should do it too. They’ll never have enough plugs at those handshake events.

36: 47の素敵な(pc?)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ ef52-AkZU) 2016/03/06(日) 19:46:08.32 ID:iNgEO+Bf0.net
I wish they would take more photos while changing!

33: 47の素敵な(関東・東海)@\(^o^)/ (ガラプー KKff-hVDn) 2016/03/06(日) 19:42:53.48 ID:q01XzPXCK.net
For HKT, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between regular members and research students.

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Author: yuki

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    agree, i think it’s a good rule cos most KKS are still in school so yea, instead of using their phones on their free time, they should clean up or study. Besides, they can update their fans after the performance :))

  • Derek Vasconi

    I agree… no cell phones. The girls need to work and work hard. They have the rest of the day and night to play on their phones.

  • thegame

    the only reason this is a topic is because we live in the age of smartphone zombies, like it’s not normal to be away from your phone for too long