Shiroma Miru,白間美瑠,Mirurun,みるるん

Shiroma Miru AKB 1/149 Ending confession gameplay

Here is Shiroma Miru’s confession, with English subtitles, from the video game AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo Love Election.

There is a theme of accents going on with recent videos — this time we’re greeting by the more familiar Kansai dialect!

Japanese has a certain number of set phrases, which don’t have really good English equivalents. I’ve talked about this before with yoroshiku onegai shimasu (よろしくお願いします). I mention it here because we are running into another set phrase: otsukare (お疲れ). The root word tsukare (疲れ) comes from tsukareru (疲れる) which means, “to be tired”.

Like yoroshiku onegai shimasu, it has many meanings depending on the context. It could mean, “good job”, or “thanks for all your hard work,” before leaving work for the day. In the context of this confession, I’m going to translate it as, “Good job”, presumably because this is following a tiring bout of sports practice.

Full transcript with inline English translations:

Main scene

You missed!

You’re terrible at this.

You’ve got a long way to go, it didn’t even go in. Are you even practicing…?

… because your goal is right here.


This is so embarrassing!

Nice shot, right?



Kiss scene

Good job!

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  • Hizaki_Ono

    Wew, thanks for the sub. i realy apreciated it…
    yesterday, i just want to request Mirurun Scene to Sub, but before i request, this video was avaible in AKBZINE…. thank you so much…