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Useless #47: Ikumi’s jump, Mogu Mio, Miki’s face, kissy kissy

If you require a lack of useful information, you have come to the right place! Today we have: Team 8’s Nakano Ikumi’s jumping, Mogu mogu Mion, Nishino Miki… being Nishino Miki, and “super rare” footage of girls kissing.

It’s a slow time on the news front, useless or otherwise. Enjoy these useless things from the Japanese internet today:

Ikumi Nagisa Jumps

Theater performances are often homages to crazy kicks and flips, and Team 8’s Nakano Ikumi Sakaguchi Nagisa provides some serious jumping:


Wow, it’s high. And even better in slow motion:

Imgur GIF

Mogu Mion

mogu mogu (もぐもぐ) is the Japanese word for the sound one makes while chewing food.

The mogu mogu is strong with Mukaichi Mion in the this old episode of AKBingo:

Imgur GIF

I just can’t explain Nishino Miki

She is the best thing to watch when you are feeling down:

“Oh hi, oh hi, oh hi”? Okay!

And sometimes it’s better to just not to try and explain some things:

.. and even more uselessly unexplainable:


Oh Nishino. Her expressions never fail to bring me a smile 🙂

More kissing?

I will never know why, but whenever I read up 2ch news, I always end up seeing these AKB member kissing. It’s inescapable, so here you go:

AKB Girls Kissing!

AKB Girls Kissing!

AKB Girls Kissing!

AKB Girls Kissing!


Other items in the Useless News series:

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  • Jack

    I think that’s Sakaguchi Nagisa jumping. I don’t usually follow Miki but she’s really funny in your posts hahaha

  • Isaias Rodriguez

    Chi~ *(^o^)/*

    • reika


  • Spoiling Everything

    The kissing link doesn’t work.

    • reika

      lol, sorry, I made you chase a bad link 🙂 I’ll remove it soon.

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    the last nishino pic cracked me up tbh, half human and half cup lmao im so done

    • reika

      I read that its a picture that Okada Nana looks to cheer up 🙂 It made me smile too!

  • Derek Vasconi

    Nishino!!! She’s too much! And of course, what would useless news be without kissing AKB members lol. All lovely of course!