Useless #50: ice cream, BANANA, Kojiharu smells, Nyan-nyan Kamen

Much has happened recently, but it’s all very uselful – even so, please enjoy these useless things. Lately we’ll see: Yagura Fuuko eats ice cream, BANANA TIME, Kojiharu likes smelly things, and the mysterious Nyan-nyan Kamen.

Fuuchan eats ice cream

If you think hard enough, it’s like the ice cream is coming out of her mouth:



Speaking of cold things, she’s been known to uselessly play in the snow:

Also, not really related, but BANANA!!!

This banana looks tired.

Kojiharu likes smelly things

Courtesy of recent TV show, “FNS Uta no Haru Matsuri”, Kojima Haruna talks about her

“When I was in middle school, at our graduation, everyone was going to meet the coolest guy in school, in order to get something from him. I wanted something too, so I went to him. When I did, he gave me his indoor slippers. He said he didn’t have anything for me, so he gave me those. I wasn’t sure how to feel, but I just took them and went home.”

“I left them in the doorway entrance at home. I tried them on, and they were too big.” At this point, the MC asks very directly, “Did you smell them?” And she Kojiharu embarrassingly that’s she smelled them.

It’s not often you see Kojiharu get so red faced and embarrassed:

Kojima Haruna smells her senpai’s shoes

Speaking of Kojiharu…

… or maybe not-speaking about Kojiharu, here’s a mysterious election candidacy application, which the management received:


The contents are:

– Name: “Nyan-nyan Kamen”
– Group: ??
– Team: ??
– Hometown: Neo Akihabara
– Birthday: February 22, 2222

Unfortunately, management later revealed in an official blog post that Nyan-Nyan Kamen’s candidacy application will be “pending.”

Of course, no one knows who this mysterious Nyan-nyan Kamen is!



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Author: reika

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  • NG

    could you translate jurina and sashi’s part too? please..

  • Derek Vasconi

    lol, Kojiharu is at that point in her career with AKB where I don’t think she really cares anymore about things like the Sousenkyo. She knows the Sousenkyo means a lot more to the younger members who have to carry AKB in the post-Takamina decade to come. But nice to see Kojiharu is still Kojiharu lol.

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    i died in the “february 22, 2222” part omg gold hands down, they shall definitely let her in

  • Isaias Rodriguez

    “Neo-akihabara” XD I can’t help but see her in my head say “I AM FROM THE FUTURE!”

  • oh geez. that banana scene o_0