Kitahara Rie AKB 1/149 ending confession gameplay

Here is Kitahara Rie’s confession, with English subtitles, from the video game AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo Love Election.

Kitarie is well known for her extremely detailed daydreams and fantasies, and it manifests itself in this confession.

The flow is a little jarring here, since Kitarie’s confession switches between her real life meeting with you and her “fantasy” world; might be hard to understand without any context.

During the fantasy scene, the note that she gives you says, “Can you meet me tonight?” Yes, Kitarie’s fantasy is a sordid office affair 🙂

When she grabs her stomach during the acceptance, it’s presumably because her stomach is growling (hungry?). What she says afterwards, “That’s the sound of being alive”, corroborates this possibility.

Transcript and inline translations:

Main scene (fantasy)

Pardon me.

Your child has gotten really big. So cute!

Do you think you’ll get married again?

Main scene

Something like that! I really like this type of naughty romance!

No, actually, I liked this kind of thing, but I’m different, ever since I met you.

I don’t want to run away with my fantasies. I want to experience life with you.



Ah, that’s the sound of real life.



Excuse me.

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  • Jack

    I thought it was a baby. That’s an interesting fantasy.

    • Hehe yeah. Kitarie’s fantasy talk are always extremely detailed; I wonder what else she’s dreamed about.

  • Hizaki_Ono

    Can you please sub the Ishida Haruka Scene too?

    • Yeah, sure. I have a request to do Kojima Haruna’s first. After that I’ll do Ishida Haruka’s 😀

      • Hizaki_Ono

        Ah~ Thank you so much…

      • Hizaki_Ono

        Thank you so much…