Ishida Haruka announces graduation

AKB48’s Ishida Haruka announced her graduation during a theater performance on March 30th, 2016. Here is an English translation of her announcement and commentary.

TL;DR? Don’t be silly, you should read this! But, to summarize: Ishida Haruka, otherwise known as Harukyan, is pursuing the path of a voice actress.

Below is a complete transcript and English translation of the announcement (it happened as the performance was ending):

Wait a minute! I have something to announce, so can I have a little more of your time? (ちょっと待った。私から少し発表があるのでお時間少しよろしいでしょうか)

I, Ishiada Haruka, will graduate form AKB48.

I’m happy even if this isn’t real. Thank you. Well, it’s been 9 years since I joined AKB48. It’s my dream to become a voice actress, and I’ve always thought that I can’t let myself become too complacent here. I have thought about graduation for a little while know, but I’ve always let myself go, and I’ve continued to remain in this very comfortable position (ウソでも嬉しいです。ありがとう。そうですね、AKB48に入って9年目なんですけど、自分の夢が声優になることで、いつまでもここに甘えていてはいけないなという思いから、少し前から卒業を考えていたんですけど、自分に甘えて居心地のいいここに居続けてしまいました).

Up until now, I’ve been surrounded by so many members and staff who supported, so many junior members – it has been a very pleasant and comfortable time in AKB48 (今まで支えてくれたメンバーとかスタッフさんとか、たくさんの後輩に囲まれて本当に居心地のいいAKB48でした).

I hope to appear in anime and stage plays, with all of you…. well… it might be hard to remain as things are, but I’ll try my best to be able to see all of you. I aks you kindly for your support (これからはアニメだったり舞台だったりで皆さんに、んー、今と同じぐらいとは難しいかもしれないけど、会えるように必死に頑張りますので、これからも応援よろしくお願いします).

Thanks! When I “retired” from the election, I think a lot of fans might have suspected what was going on, but, well — it’s a little regretful that I was so close to being here for a full 10 years. But I thik that regret will help motivate me next time to make me want to try harder (ありがとう。総選挙を辞退した時にファンの人も少しずつ勘付いてはいたかなと思ったんですけど、そうですね、10年間いられなかったのは、あとちょっとだったのになって悔しい思いもありますけど、その悔しい気持ちを次からの自分に活かして頑張りたいと思います).

My last theater performance and handshake event haven’t been decided yet. At the moment, either the staff or I will make an announcement, so I hope you’ll keep an eye out for it when the time comes (まだ最後の公演の日程だったり握手会の日程はまだ決まっていないので、随時スタッフさんからだったり私からだったり発信するので、是非皆さんその変もチェックしてもらえたらなと思います。そんな感じです)

Here are some screen captures of the announcement:




At this point, there’s an exchange with a few fellow Team K members, Fujita Nana and Suzuki Mariya:

Fujita Nana: Harukyan’s graduation announcement… everyone, this isn’t okay, right? It’s not okay. Everyone really cares about you, including the junior members, so we’re very lonely to hear about this. But this is graduation that leads you towards your dream, and the date isn’t announced yet, is it (はるきゃんさんの卒業発表・・・。みんな大丈夫じゃないですよね? 大丈夫じゃないんですよ。ほんとにみんなはるきゃんさんのことがほんとに大好きで、後輩もみんなほんとにはるきゃんさんのことが大好きなので、ほんとに卒業発表寂しいんですけど、でも夢に向かっての前向きな卒業ということで、まだ日程も決まってないんですもんね).

Ishida Haruka: No, nothing is decided (まだ決まってないですね)

Suzuki Mariya: Really? Are you sure you it’s okay to graduate? (いいの? ほんとに卒業発表しちゃって)

Ishida Haruka: I was really on the fence until the very end! (でも最後まで悩んだよ)

Suzuki Mariya: It’s not too late to change your mind! (取り消せるかもよ)

Ishida Haruka: No, that’s alright. This is something I’ve received advice on and decided (り消さなくて大丈夫。ずっと相談してきて決めたことなので).

Suzuki Mariya: I see, you have no doubts” (そっか、迷いはないということで)

Ishida Haruka: None (ないです)

Suzuki Mariya: Let’s continue our support (応援しましょう)

Fujita Nana: As members of Team K, we wish you all the best (チームKみんなで、前向きに見送りたいと思います).

Ishida Haruka: I kindly ask for your support just a little while longer. Oh I’m crying so much! Thank you…” (あともう少しですがよろしくお願いします。めっちゃ泣いてるじゃん、ありがとう)

Suzuki Mariya: Good luck, Harukyan (頑張れ、はるきゃん)

Tano Yuka: “DO IT!”

She later made the announcement from her official Twitter announcement:

Good luck on your future life!

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  • Derek Vasconi

    So she wants to be a Seiyu? I didn’t realize that? Good for her! She’ll make an excellent Seiyu, I’m sure. However, I always get a bit suspicious whenever I hear the girls say they have “got advice” and decided on graduating… I always wonder, WHO gave them the advice, and what was it? My mind spins a million different ways when I hear this lol.