Iriyama Anna shares her thoughts about the upcoming election

Courtesy of AKB Mobile Mail, one 2ch user shares a recent mail message sent out by Iriyama Anna. In it, she describes her feelings about the upcoming election.

Note: AKB Mobile mail is a paid subscription service, so the contents being shared on this 2ch thread could be suspect.  Take it with a grain of salt, like all things on the internet.

The message itself was sent out via the Mobile Mail service, and an anonymous user posted its contents.  While it is typically taboo to share Mobile Mail messages like this (it is a service that people pay for, after all), it seems that the sharing of this message was forgiven due to the nature of its contents.

In other words, Anna’s mail had a very touching message. Here is the transcript, with an inline English translation (edited for formatting)

Ever since I turned in my candidacy application, I’ve received many warm messages, such as, “I’m happy”, “Thank you”, “I’ll support you”
立候補してから 嬉しいとかありがとうとか応援しますとか あたたかい言葉をたくさんもらいました。

At the same time, I was so happy to hear so many people tell me that they wanted me to appear in the election. I’m so filled with those good feelings! haha.
その前も、 総選挙に出てほしいって言ってくれる人が何人もいたことが嬉しかった! もう気持ちだけでお腹いっぱいだよ。笑

Three years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to stand on that stage, and you made me stand.

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to return to place, but you all carried me there.

Last year, I left that stage on my own.

This year, I wonder if I’ll be able to pay you back…

Lately, people have been telling me how strong I am. Like I always say, I’ve never really been that strong.
最近は強いねって言われることが多いけど、 いつも言ってる通り元々のわたしは強くなんかない。

But if I’m surrounded by all your strength, I’m able to be stand strong.

All of you have made the current “Iriyama Anna”. Truly, thank you.
みんながいまの「入山杏奈」をつくってくれたの。 本当にありがとう。

It might be a little burdensome on all of you, but no matter what happens, I want to say, “We’ve tried hard these past two years, right”, and, “It was fun fighting together with all of you in this year’s election”!!!!!!
みんなには少し負担をかけてしまうかもしれませんが、どんな結果であれ 2年間頑張ったね、って 今年は総選挙一緒に戦って楽しかったね、って 言いたい!!!!ね!!!!!!

My personal opinion? It really gets to me when she talks about her absence during last years election.  As you know, Anna and Kawaei Rina were involved in a terrible incident the year before (which many say caused Kawaei to graduate, and Anna to not participate in the election at all).  One  can only imagine the stress of being an idol, on top of the stress of being a victim of a violent crime.

The fact that she is appearing in this year’s election is a sign of recovery, akin to the time she was finally able to take off her bandages and gloves.  Let’s see how well she does in this year’s election.

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  • One Piece

    I really wish the best for her, she deserves it!

  • Derek Vasconi

    I love her courage. I love her spirit. I love everything about her. This girl deserves to be in the Kami-7, and not because of what happened to her, but because she is the exact type of girl I want to see in AKB doing well. She’s a true idol.
    Ganbatte Annin!!!!

    • Well said! I really admire her courage, and she was so close to senbatsu rank the last time she was in the election. I do wonder if she and others in her generation will step up and be frontrunners for future AKB singles.

      • Derek Vasconi

        She’ll make senbatsu this year, guaranteed. Probably at the higher end of the spectrum, but she’s worked very hard this year and deserves it perhaps more than most in AKB.
        Also, she’s so beautiful, both inside and out, and her role in MG this year was incredible, and I think overall she’s the total package. I really feel like she’s somebody truly special among AKB, and the fact that she’s enduring with what I imagine are horrible post-traumatic issues after the incident is. well, to say the least, something no other AKB member might be able to come close to her, in terms of the burden she has to carry on her heart everyday she reports to work. But she reports to work, and she does her work VERY WELL.
        I love this girl. I almost oshihenned to her from Tani awhile back, but I can’t give up on my screwball queen!