Kojima Haruna AKB 1/149 ending confession gameplay

Here is Kojima Haruna’s confession, with English subtitles, from the video game AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo Love Election.

In Japanese, it’s possible to drop subjects and objects from sentences when the context is clear. For instance, most speakers will leave out the first person subject because it’s usually clear that the subject is either themselves, or something to be understood from the current situation.

But sometimes… things are less clear. In the case of Kojima Haruna’s confession, her acceptance uses the verb uketoru (受け取る), which literally means, “to accept.” In this context, its not 100% clear what she wants to accept. It could either be: 1) the gift she’s placed for you, or 2) accepting her feelings to start your relationship.

This leads right into the acceptance scene as well, when she says, “tedori ashidori oshiete ne”, literal meaning is: to teach slowly and carefully. However, the lack of subject again leads to a little confusion, as she is either asking you to teach her about golf, or to be patient with her in your relationship together.

It’s all a jumble!

Anyhow, here is the full transcript with English translation:

Main Scene

Okay, keep watching okay? Here I go!

Wow, amazing. That’s was great, right? I did it!

Okay, one more time!

Huh? Okay. What..? What the heck?

AAH! You’re making of me?

I can’t help it; I’m just a beginner.

How about you try it?

You make fun of other people, so this should be easy for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

You’ll accept this, won’t you?


Thanks! Please be patient with me, okay?


What the hell! Golf is so boring. I quit.

Kiss scene

Shall we do it?

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