kojiharu kiss scene

2chan says: if there’s a kiss scene with my oshimen, I’m quitting the fandom

This is a very short message thread, but it begs the question: would you feel comfortable seeing your favorite 48-group member kissing a male, albeit in a drama or movie scene?

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1: 2016/03/26(土) 20:33:53.22 ID:9gZnxMT9d.net
It’s okay if this was for prime time television, but there is no way I can forvie Murauchi’s shitty plan. Is the management stupid?

2: 2016/03/26(土) 20:35:09.88 ID:E3fTHb35K.net
Don’t come back!

4: 2016/03/26(土) 20:35:43.42 ID:cK+19zUhd.net
Seriously, I agree. If it’s a Monday night drama, I can understand it. But nothing will come of a kiss scene if it’s just this Murauchi guy’s stupid drama. It will just cancel out the desirability of those members! haha.

5: 2016/03/26(土) 20:36:07.93 ID:iZGGVDHy0.net
It will probably just be something that looks like a kiss.

6: 2016/03/26(土) 20:37:21.17 ID:wBEbyIiL0.net
Mysterious male lead: “OKAY! I’m trying this out!”

14: 2016/03/26(土) 20:43:21.35 ID:lMppvX3Ad.net
Man, you are so pure!

15: 2016/03/26(土) 20:43:47.27 ID:CIXd2O0+0.net
If you don’t know like, silly, you should quit going to handshake events too.

19: 2016/03/26(土) 20:45:45.25 ID:G3cxdG3+0.net
Honestly, people who announce their intent to leave the fandom are the ones who do not stop. In reality, there are a lot of wota who don’t say anything, and just kind of disappear.

22: 2016/03/26(土) 20:47:55.56 ID:cK+19zUhd.net
Yeah seriously. It’s that pattern of being gone before anyone knows it. When you realize what’s happened, it’s already too late.

28: 2016/03/26(土) 20:52:47.93 ID:YMBwQZQ70.net
The wota who have the true strength to file just quietly disappear, don’t they?

31: 2016/03/26(土) 20:53:53.71 ID:ItB9wKqXM.net
There are a lot of people disappearing this time, aren’t there?

46: 2016/03/26(土) 21:12:21.17 ID:Gq6ROyN9p.net
This is going to be tough right before the election.

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Author: yuki

  • Derek Vasconi

    If Tani kissed somebody, I think it would be more funny than passionate, and probably would make me just laugh, because I can’t imagine her kissing anyone for real. But sure, I can see how some passionate wotas with their oshis would feel really hurt or betrayed… it’s like cheating on the love ban, or something. At the same time, it’s just a movie or dorama, and maybe we shouldn’t read into it all that much?

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Lol i dont know about this, delulu fans like that wota probably dedicated their whole lives to their oshi to the point that they forget about “reality.” It’s just acting and most girls in AKB aspire to become actresses in the future and sooner or later they’ll have romantic scenes and this drama could give them experience, some delulu fans should just think of it that way. just saying :v