News Roundup #19: the website is broken edition

Did you try visiting the website recently? I couldn’t! And did you have a good Spring Break? It’s sad to be back after vacation, but please enjoy an AKB news summary!

There’s more news incoming tomorrow, while I catch up and unpack 🙂 Also, it depends on if this website still exists then, lol.

Kojiharu on fashionable rivals

Kojima Haruna took part in a fashion shows event for “sweet” magazine, called, “sweet collection 2016”. According to Oricon Style, When the MC asked asked Kojiharu about who else in AKB48 was considered fashionable, she replies in the most-Kojiharu-way ever: “Right now…. um, well, there were some fashionable members in the past.”

No mincing of words. Oh kojiharu!


Ariyoshi’s thoughts on Minegishi Minami

Courtesy of the last episode of, “Ariyoshi AKB Kyouwakoku”, the host himself, known for his “poison viper tongue”, Ariyoshi Hiroiki.
Most of the show focused on various members and their memories of their various appearances. Towards the end of the show, each member present in the studio spoke their final words. Minami mentions that the first thing she remembers Ariyoshi saying is: “AKB’s variety show skill is total shit.” Sounds like a typical response from him right?

However, his follow up to Minegishi’s comment is unusually kind, honest, and almost out of character for him: “The things that were bad about you back then have all disappeared. Right now, I think you’ve gotten a lot better.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 9.51.00 PM

What a way to end a long running show!

Oba Mina is not graduating anytime soon….

Recently, Oba Mina celebrated for 24th birthday, an age which is a little on the older end of the idol age spectrum. However, according to a recent blog entry, it seems that graduation is not in the picture quite yet. She says:

My resolution at 24 years old (24歳の抱負として)

I love idols, wanted to become one, and became part of AKB48. So I want to have fun being an idol a little while longer. As an idol, I’m not very young, but I want to have fun being that “idol”, which I love (私はアイドルが大好きでなりたくてAKB48になりました。だからもうちょっとアイドルを楽しみたいなって思います。アイドルとしてはもう若くはないけれど、大好きな”アイドル”を皆さんと一緒に楽しんでいきたいので)

It’s selfish. I compare myself to others. My thinking is too simple. With this instinct, I’ll take action, and may get depressed. It’s selfish. That’s how I am, but I please continue your support. Thank you! (>_<) (わがままで人と比べる癖があって考え方が単純すぎて直感で行動して落ち込んだり自分勝手なこんな私だけどこれからも応援してください。お願いします)

Then again, with Kojiharu pushing 30, and Shinoda Mariko graduating at 27, Mina has a few years left. Best of luck to her!

Sashihara Rino is in this commercial somewhere….

… and no one can find her. Here is the commercial in question, for an energy drink product called, “Min Min Da Ho”:

Don’t watch it too many times, or you will surely go crazy!

How do we know if Sasshi is really in there? Well, it was sent in a tweet by the commercial’s director. He deleted it, but one 2ch user snapped a photo:


Kinoshita Yuna Haruna goes to the airport…

… and buys 30 volumes os Japanese manga comic books. Courtesy of Yabushita Shuu’s Twitter feed:

“This person, so full of desire to enjoy this trip! At Tsutaya book store in the airport, it seems she bought 30 volumes of ‘Kingdom’. How off-putting!! LOL”

And part two:

“She’s reading them all out, hahaha”

That’s a lot of manga. But what’s funnier is that, “Kingdom” is a seinen style comic, meant for older guys!

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    Ooo Mirurun reads Kingdom! I remember her posting a picture of volume 16 or something in her Instagram Lol

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    Also, The ariyoshi comment touched me deeply. Miichan has come through SO much, and I’m so proud of her for what she’s done with her life, and for this guy to say something that nice to her… well, it’s really awesome, that’s all I’ll say.
    Yuna’s pics were the best though… think you got enough manga there, girl? Lol

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      lol, well, I don’t know much about the website. It’s usually @jerry who’s always playing with it. Ariyoshi has interesting history as a Japanese celebrity. He’s known for his voice and insults usually, but I thought his comment also was very nice. Miichan is also one of the few 1st generations left, so its good that she can get better too!

      • Derek Vasconi

        I love Ariyoshi a lot and I loved his whole show with AKB, so it’s sad to see it end, but I think that might be writing on the wall that Kojiharu could be graduating soon, which leaves Miichan as the sole 1st gen left, and so Ariyoshi’s comment is even cooler if that actually is going to end up happening. But we’ll see.

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