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Useless #52: lots of faces, a serious kojiharu, important handshakes, and fat cookies

Is the site working okay for you? I’m still not used to the new editor, it’s strange! But you don’t need to know that because it’s useless knowledge, right? Speaking of which, what’s useless to know about recently? Glad you asked! Let’s learn about: strange faces of Sasshi, Kojima Haruna taking things seriously, Maeda Atsuko being a handshake professional, and eating cookies. Let’s go!

Something is not right about this…

It seems an idol lives and dies by their looks. Here, we see our favorite idols posing for a photo, but something seems not quite right about it:

akb48 funny faces
Wow (o_0)

I admit that I wish I had such great photo editing abilities!

And while we’re on the subject of faces (and for no other reason other than for the sake of usefulness uselessness):

renacchi’s face mask
Bonus points if you know who this is 🙂

Meanwhile, at a very important meeting

Members of the 48-groups are front and center, but there are surely countless many staff who also support efforts such as planning and other logistics.

Here’s a very important meeting taking place:

important AKB48 staff meeting with kojiharu
Looks like real business going on!

Every is gathered around at the table during this serious meeting… but wait, who is that in the back?

kojima haruna super serious

Oh, Kojiharu, don’t ever change!

It takes skills to shake anyone’s hand

It’s no secret that handshake events can be very stressful on idols, as they must shake hands with people from all walks of life.

And occasionally, some rare incidents of less-than-normal wota getting too excited at meeting their favorite idols, makes them a little… over excited? Here are some more famous examples:

crazy wota handshakes! キモヲタと握手

And then, there is this classic:

crazy wota handshakes キモヲタと握手

But, I think the most memorable handshake I have seen is one involving Maeda Atsuko:

maeda atsuko’s booger handshake
Oh. Gross. But she’s so cute!

Not even boogers will stop Acchan. That’s a real pro!

Cookies need love too

Would you consider Nishino Miki on the fat side of things? I definitely don’t, but I guess Miki-chan doesn’t see it that way!

From Oya Shizuka’s Twitter feed:

Oya says: “They say that when one is fat, eating is so frustrating…. but crying when you eat cookies? I don’t get it! Checkout Nishino Miki. And Izurina is cheering her up”.

Oh, Miki-chan:


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