2chan says: I love Kato Mina so much, I want to move to Niigata

How far will you go for your favorite idol? Perhaps buy a CD or two? Cast a vote here and there? How about uprooting your life, and moving across the country? That’s what motivates one wota, as he seeks advice for getting closer to NGT48’s Kato Minami.

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1: 47の素敵な(チベット自治区)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW 0b5d-C5dX) 2016/04/16(土) 03:31:28.11 ID:KLDI52E/0.net
Tell me about the good places in Niigata.
By the way, am currently living in Osaka.

2: 47の素敵な(福岡県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW b7a2-De1m) 2016/04/16(土) 03:37:10.59 ID:87OFjNnE0.net
I understand how you feel man.
I love Milky so much, I’ve thought about moving to Osaka.

3: 47の素敵な(地震なし)@\(^o^)/ (スプー Sd2f-FShJ) 2016/04/16(土) 03:43:57.53 ID:gDgh0x66d.net
I hate to say this, but you are totally addicted.
Your dreams and reality are getting mixed up.
Slowly and slowly, you will understand.
The more money you spend, some day you will realize, “Why was I so addicted?”

4: 47の素敵な(新疆ウイグル自治区)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 7ba1-gLNV) 2016/04/16(土) 03:50:10.23 ID:Oj2PHY5+0.net
In that area, you have to shovel snow, so it’s annoying.

Kato Mina probably shovels snow too…

5: 47の素敵な(埼玉県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ d796-aBI8) 2016/04/16(土) 03:54:42.64 ID:kEiM7LTK0.net
The roads in Niigata are brown colored.

When I asked someone who lived there, they said that during winter time, they draw up underground water to melt the ice.

It’s a good city, but when I heard about that, it made my desire to move there diminish, haha.

14: 47の素敵な(茸)@\(^o^)/ (スプッ Sd2f-a7I3) 2016/04/16(土) 08:41:35.71 ID:+abGc6Rvd.net
In Niigata City, drawing underground water is forbidden. But they still do it Akiha-ku, where there is tons of snow.

6: 47の素敵な(禿)@\(^o^)/ (オッペケ Sr27-eJ1s) 2016/04/16(土) 04:09:27.60 ID:iFrS/UVcr.net
If you move to Niigata City, you don’t really have to worry about snow. Just avoid the Nishikan, Akiha, and Minami areas.

7: 47の素敵な(茸)@\(^o^)/ (スプー Sd2f-mnmE) 2016/04/16(土) 04:13:38.01 ID:DIxpzQk0d.net
In a few years, Kato Mina will become part of the AKB48 senbatsu lineup, and then she’ll stop appearing in the theaters.

8: 47の素敵な(茸)@\(^o^)/ (スプッ Sd2f-Gtsw) 2016/04/16(土) 04:14:56.95 ID:e2NVYAtOd.net
Getters Iida did say that it was best if she transferred, right?

9: 47の素敵な(茸)@\(^o^)/ (スプー Sd2f-Gtsw) 2016/04/16(土) 07:06:34.95 ID:64Z+UNiLd.net
Wouldn’t you be able to meet her more often if you moved to Tokyo?

Most of the handshake events seem to take place in Tokyo anyway. And it’s pretty easy to take the bullet train to Niigata from there.

10: 47の素敵な(北陸地方)@\(^o^)/ (ガラプー KK7f-d1ZF) 2016/04/16(土) 07:09:25.54 ID:lhpuCeOgK.net
I changed my oshimen from Yagura Fuuko to Kato Mina.

But going to Niigata from Western Japan is really inconvenient. I really wish there was a direct train line from Kanezawa to Niigata.

43: 47の素敵な(庭)@\(^o^)/ (アウアウ Sa67-eqtN) 2016/04/16(土) 14:44:02.66 ID:gWaaNfg/a.net
Getting to Osaka from Kanezawa is so easy with the bullet train in western Japan. You should keep supporting Fuu-chan!

22: 47の素敵な(広島県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ 6f71-mNwz) 2016/04/16(土) 11:00:11.24 ID:aswxQ7pj0.net
She’ll get a concurrent position, and then she’ll just be in Tokyo all the time, right?

26: 47の素敵な(新潟県)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイW ebc2-De1m) 2016/04/16(土) 11:18:43.39 ID:R2lVt+mo0.net
You’ll regret it if you confuse Niigata with Niigata City.

31: 47の素敵な(catv?)@\(^o^)/ (アナファイーW FA07-oeDl) 2016/04/16(土) 12:59:57.72 ID:bI79KcD+A.net
You know, there was a time when I was seriously in love with Yabuki Nako when she was 11 years old, and I thought I’d move to Hakata and propose to her. But then I cooled down, thought about it, and stopped myself.

If you’re really thinking about moving, you should also think about what happens after that.

32: 47の素敵な(北陸地方)@\(^o^)/ (ガラプー KK7f-d1ZF) 2016/04/16(土) 13:03:54.52 ID:lhpuCeOgK.net
Osaka and Fukuoka are comfortable places to live. In Niigata, when winter comes, it is pure hell.

35: 47の素敵な(SB-iPhone)@\(^o^)/ (ササクッテロ Sp27-evgy) 2016/04/16(土) 13:22:58.39 ID:nPIOHPBKp.net
I’ll be serious with you: there are so many beautiful women in Niigata.

There are lots of Ramen shops in Niigata, and if you go into any of them, the girls who work there are so cute. And their personalities are great too.

If I can, I want to live there too.

41: 47の素敵な(東京都)@\(^o^)/ (ワッチョイ d38a-01ic) 2016/04/16(土) 14:16:49.07 ID:jhTc5OXv0.net
We’re talking about Kato Mina, right?

There aren’t a lot of fans yet, so she’ll appear in all the theater performances.

If you look at what happens over the course of a few years, she’ll probably head over to Tokyo, and you’ll only be able to meet her at handshake events.

When you want to see her, I think it’s better to just take a bullet train to Niigata.

And when you get tired of AKB, you’ll still have something left.

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