Takamina blog translation: “Graduation”

Here is a English translation of the entry, “Graduation” from Takahashi Minami’s official LINE blog.

Translated from Takahashi Minami’s official LINE blog, posted April 10, 2016, 8:19AM JST. Edited for formatting.

The other day, on April 8th, my graduation theater performance ended without incident.

It was so fun and over before I realized it. It was also a strange time.
楽しくてあっという間で 不思議な時間だった

It was a special performance, and because it was my last, I was able to perform all the songs I wanted to perform. In some ways, it may have been selfish, but I have now done everything that I wanted to do.

I’ve done it all.

I really love the theater. I love AKB.

I love it all so much, I really wished that time would just stop, haha.

But, I’ve already announced my intentions to part ways, and I wish to move forward.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the members, staff, and to all of you who came to see me off.

I want to serve as a good example to my junior members, so I will try my hardest.

Can I say whatever I want now? Ever since the theater performances I produced in February, my mental and physical health has deteriorated.

I was fighting with myself these past two months.

But there was something that made me stand up again. It was when I was getting fitted for that dress I wore at my graduation concert…

I thought to myself: there are so many people supporting me, so many people waiting for me; at the conclusion of this 10 year period, am I really okay with myself, as I am?

This is so crazy. Let’s do our best. I need to try harder. I was able to think all of these things on March 27th – what I saw there saved me.

takahashi minami graduation concert たかみな卒業コンサート
takahashi minami graduation concert たかみな卒業コンサート

So now, I’m okay. Doing well! I have a cold right now, but I’m so full of energy. Every day is so fun.
だから今は大丈夫!元気✨ 風邪は引いてるけどやる気に満ち溢れてる。毎日楽しい。

Taking all of these tough times together, you have once again shown me the reason that I try so hard.

Honestly, I want to see the smiling faces of everyone who supports me.

It might sound a little trite, but it’s truly what I feel.

Don’t you think it’s amazing? Out of all the many members, you chose me!!

It’s something to be thankful for, right? And you want to make those people happy, right?

I… don’t have any skills or abilities. I don’t excel at at anything.
But to make up for that lack of genius, one just needs to work even harder.

Regardless, I want to do anything and everything I can. AKB taught me that doing that will get me something.

The road ahead is one that I will walk alone, but I’ll be okay if you’re with me.

Let’s have fun. I’ll make you laugh a lot! I promise!
楽しもう。いっぱい笑わせてあげる!!笑(๑′ᴗ‵๑)✨ 約束するよ

AKB48, thanks for these 10 years. See ya later.
AKB48 10年間ありがとう。またね。

takahashi minami graduation concert たかみな卒業コンサート

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  • I love Takamina!! I still miss her. It’s unfortunate I’ll never get to see her as part of AKB, but maybe once I eventually travel to Japan she will be have a stable solo career so I can see her perform!