Ota Aika announcing graduation? HKT48 reforming? What’s going on!

Similar to Watanabe Miyuki before, Ota Aika is dropping some big hints about a very surprising announcement coming in the near future. Graduation? Maybe. But 2ch weighs in on the situation with some interesting details.

What gives credibility to these claims? This comes courtesy of a few vague posts from Ota Aika’s 755 feed:


“Soon, I might surprise everyone.”

Oh no!!! And then she continues onward:


“For one person, it will come as a shock. But I want that person to accept it. But as for my fans, I believe that whatever I decided, they will support me.”

Hmm! This makes it even more confusing. Who is this person?! OHHH!


“I don’t know if this is good news, or bad news. It really depends on the person…”

Short and indirect, just like Japanese! Netizens from 2ch are already reacting to these vague messages (can you blame them, honestly?!). There are some usual reactions, but also some interesting comments:

  • “Graduation. Changing groups. Changing management agency. Name change. Nude photos”
  • “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”
  • “She’s just going to chose the next successor as captain”
  • “We can withstand these kind of hints, right?”
  • “It’s going to be kiss scene from that Kojou thing?”
  • “She’s going to cut her hair off!”
  • “Sashihara said something similar in Mobile Mail. Something with HKT48 is going to happen one month from now.”
  • “Maybe there will be a grand reformation where all the transferred members will return to their original groups.”


Author: reika

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