Watch Tomonaga Mio drawn in pencil

Watch as youtube user “shtt4881” creates an incredible pencil drawing of Tomonaga Mio!

It’s pretty unbelievable to think that this is a drawing made entirely of pencil:

tomonaga mio pencil drawing

Don’t believe it’s real? You can see the time lapse of the video here:

Judging from other videos, it seems this artist, who signs his pictures as, “Shinichi F.”, is adept at drawing idols of all sorts. Here are some of the other Japanese idols that he has drawn:

Hashimoto Kanna

Oshima Yuko

I like the BGM in this one :)))

Sashihara Rino

Kojima Mako

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Author: reika

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  • John Smith

    I can’t even take a picture that well.