Useless #53: Naa-Megu, picture hate, Mayu’s soybeans, head banging violence

Don’t worry, I’m not dead (^^), just drowning in useless things! What kind of useless things? I’ll share it with you! Today’s non-useful news is: Naaaaa-MEGU, picture hating, Mayuyu’s special soybeans, and head banging.


Okada Nana and Taniguchi Megu get up close and personal… at least, Nana tries to anyhow:

Okada Nana and Taniguchi Megu

Okada Nana and Taniguchi Megu

Okada Nana and Taniguchi Megu

Speaking of Taniguchi Megu…


taniguchi megu
(Sorry, I could not resist sharing this again)

Some people don’t like their picture taken


imamura maria
No one will blame you, if you decide to run away!!

By the way, Imamura Maria is only 130cm short tall!

Mayuyu’s soybeans are special

At a special handshake event, Watanabe Mayu introduces special Mayuyu branded food item: the Mayuyu Edamame Party!! Behold:

mayuyu edamame party
There’s no party like a Mayuyu Edamame Party

And she looks so cute holding it up for you too:

mayuyu soybeans

… if these look like perfectly normal edamame soybeans to you, let Mayuyu reassure you otherwise (via Twitter):

Mayuyu says: “Thank you every for the handshake event in Yokyohama today. I was feeling good, and it was the first time I talked so much, maybe. lol. I had a lot of fun! Oh, by the way, they’re selling ‘Watanabe Mayu’s Edamame Party’ at the event space. Please don’t call it just normal edamame! Please try it.”

Would you buy an Edamame party?

Actually, you’re not the only one…

As it turns out, despite bearing the great Mayuyu’s name, Edamame Party did not sell so well:


… it’s the only item that wasn’t sold out!

The other items look more appetizing, to be honest, lol.

Would you also believe this…?

“Edamame Party” is not a new concept! Take a look at this promotional event poster from 2014:


The big bold letters in the middle say, “Edamame Party”, and looks like it was an event with two former SKE48 members.

The price? 8,000 yen to for one person! At least it says, all you can eat, and all you can drink.

What will they think of next?!

Head banging with the lights off?

When I mention “head banging”, one person should come to mind, right? If you thought, “Miorin”, or “Lemon”, you are right!

But this time, something is a little bit off:

Wow, it’s useless, huh? In Japanese, I would call this “bimyo” (微妙).

oh? You like bimyo things?

Okay then! What is Okappa doing here?

Be wary of this girl’s punching! It’s almost violent.

Speaking of violence… take a look at this terrible assault:


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