Useless #54: Chiyori’s dance, Mako face, Naa-Megu, Izurina tako, Neko Nanase

Hello, how are you? Fine thanks, and you? The world is not so useless these days, but it’s time for some useless “drug” (!?) of the week! Enjoy some of Chiyori’s dancing, Kojimako faces, Izurina’s Tako, and Nishino Nanase.

Chiyori’s wake up dance

Who needs coffee when you can wake up to this:

chiyori dance

According to Oya Shizuka: “This morning, wake up to Chiyori’s Dance, okay?”

In video format:

Unexplainable… and useless to say the least!

Kojimako’s face

Kojimako has the nickname of “tanuki”, but if you need to be reminded what she really looks like, here it is:

kojimako otter

You’re welcome!

Oh, and here she is sleeping (because she is so cute when she sleeps!):

kojimako sleeping

Now onto butts… because butts

Now we saw Kojimako’s face, now let’s look at the opposite: Izuta Rina’s butt. Also known as IZU-KETSU (伊豆ケツ). Remember it well:

izurina butt aizu ketsu

It’s not quite the one everyone knows and loves right? Here’s probably what you’re looking for:

izurina butt izuketsu

More Izurina, you say?!

I learned a new phrase today, “Ask, and you shall receive!” Here’s Izurina burning her mouth on some takoyaki:

She really has great expressions! I wish I could watch five more seconds of this.

Here’s Izurina with what looks like leftover pastry, in her face:

izurina pie face

Okay, enough Izurita Rina for today!

Naa-Megu 4 life!!

If you thought Naa-megu was just phase, then take a look at this:

While Nana is explaining something or other…

Nana: “Why are you looking at me like that? How embarrassing!”

Megu: “I can’t help it, you’re so beautiful, Nana”.

Not to outdone…

If you thought Megu was cute, take a look at Nishino Nanase, in full neko cosplay!

Imgur GIF


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