Comparing the BEJ48 theater vs AKB48 theater

With the recent construction of the new BEJ48/GNZ48 theater, Japanese wota can’t help but draw comparisons…

If you’ve ever been to the AKB48 Theater in Akihabara, you’ll know that it’s a little bit on the tiny side, massive columns notwithstanding. Theater-going wota know this well, so with the recent reveal of BEJ48’s new theater, one can’t help but draw comparisons.

First, some choice photos of the AKB48 main theater:

the theater main lobby

It’s not much to look at, as it i occupies the 8th floor of the Don Quixote shopping center in Akihabara. If you’re a tall person, you won’t like it much, but I guess you could call it a little “cozy”.

And one look inside the theater during a performance:

the theater you know and love, right?
the theater you know and love, right?

And now, take note of the new BEJ48 theater space and adjoining shopping center:





As you can see, much more space! The reactions from a recent 2ch thread, are interesting, to say the least, with many noting the size and shininess of the newer BEJ48 theater:

  • “Why did it turn out like this?”
  • “That place feels like SanRio Fairy Land”
  • “First of all, those pillars in the AKB48 theater!”
  • “China is so amazing…”
  • “It’s different when you make a theater and you’re unsure of whether it will be a success, and when you make a theater knowing that it’ll be a success.”
  • “Looking at the outline of Shanghai’s streets, it kind of makes Tokyo look a little dull”
  • “Complete and utter defeat!”
  • “So this is the different in economic strength”

If anything, it looks like these girls will have a lot more dance space!

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