Oya Shizuka makes her first million dollars by selling Kojiharu’s used panties

Courtesy of Oya Shizuka’s official blog, she outlines her plans (with Ogasawara Mayu) of making a million dollars with Kojiharu’s used undergarments.

Just joking, of course, but the possibility is not too far from the truth!

The following snippet of text comes courtesy of Oya Shizuka’s official blog (inline translations; modified for formatting):

こじはるさんの生誕祭~ こじはるさん素敵な人。
→ Kojiharu’s birthday event! Kojiharu is a wonderful person.

→ In the dressing room, my spot is right next to Kojiharu’s.

→ In my box, it looks like, maybe, Kojiharu put her panties in my box by mistake.

→ And then I talked with Maachun:

→ “If we sold this at an online auction, how much do you think we could get?”

→ “You’d become a millionaire, right?”

→ It was so great talking about that. I had so much fun!

Considering how much even fake 48-group good sell for (NSFW!), Maachun could be right!

Author: reika

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