Sousenkyo official guide book predicts election! Mayuyu at #1

The predictions are flying in! The “data collection researchers” behind the official election guide book 2016 have published their own predictions for this coming election.

The (predicted) results are in! According to AKB48’s official guide book, here are their predictions:


An English transcript is provided below:

  1. Watanabe Mayuyu
  2. Yamamoto Sayaka
  3. Sashihara Rino
  4. Kashiwagi Yuki
  5. Matsui Jurina
  6. Miyawaki Sakura
  7. Yokoyama Yui
  8. Shimazaki Haruka
  9. Mukaichi Mion
  10. Suda Akari
  11. Kodama Haruka
  12. Kizaki Yuria
  13. Kato Rena
  14. Iriyama Anna
  15. Okada Nana
  16. Miyazaki Miho

There are so many surprises here! Like Gekkan Entame’s, I’m a little surprised about SKE48’s positioning: Suda Akari is here again, and Matsumura Kaori is nowhere to be seen.

Some of the new faces, I can kind of see: Kato Rena, Iriyama Anna, Okada Nana, etc. They were in the undergirls (ranks #17 to #32) previously, so it’s not too far fetched that they’d go up.

But the biggest thing: Miyazaki Miho. She was not ranked in the last election, meaning she placed lower than #80. That would be the biggest comeback in election history if she managed even #16 position! I would definitely love to see that happen.

Author: reika

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