Takamina finds love. Maybe

Former AKB48 member, Takahashi Minami, unintentionally poses for the camera, as she is seen walking along with a new presumed romantic interest.

takahashi minami

This should be taken with a grain of salt, as with many tabloid-esque types of news. This comes courtesy of Josei Seven magazine (via Yahoo News), and details a weekend of Takamina spending time with, presumably, her new boyfriend. Here are some of the details:

  • It was relatively recent, as the timing says, “a weekend in the middle of May”. Last weekend, maybe?
  • Her partner is 15 years older (at 40 years old), and works at a technology company.
  • Supposedly, she and her new boyfriend have known each other since Takamina’s AKB48 debut!!! However, it’s only recently that they started developing feelings for each other.
  • They may be planning a trip together to Okinawa.

The article details some things about the places they went, restaurants they ate at, etc, it’s not really important.

One last, and very important, detail: the author of the article reached out to Takamina’s management agency to get a comment about this relationship, and they replied, “She has already graduated from AKB48. Therefore, what she does in her private time, is completely her own responsibility.” I couldn’t agree more.

Anyhow, if any of this is true, then congratulations Takamina! Secretly, I think we were all hoping that it was going to be Nishikawa Takanori, but oh well!

takahashi minami nishikawa takanori
These two were made for each other!

Now if only Sasshi would start dating Goto Terumoto…


According to Yahoo news, at the opening of her regularly scheduled afternoon radio program (“Takamina korekara, nani suru?”“), Takamina makes a brief apology but does not confirm or deny any details. During the show’s opening, she says: “This is Takahashi Minami. With regards to today’s weekly magazine reports, I’m sorry to have surprised you all. I’ll do my best today!” She makes this comment and then proceeds with the regularly scheduled program.

Source: http://zasshi.news.yahoo.co.jp/article?a=20160518-00000023-pseven-ent

Author: reika

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  • I hope this is T.M Revolution too!

    • izza hass

      I dont want him! He is a divorcee! Takamina deserve someone better and a little younger than his father! Tmr can be his father because their different age is 20years more. Its gross!

  • izza hass

    She is graduated now! She can dating anyone she one! Reporters! Get a life!