Acchan’s sexy love scene executes all wota

Maeda Atsuko’s appearance in recent drama Busujima Yuriko is old news, some wota’s limit are tested, as Acchan appears in a series of sexy love scenes.

This weird bit of news comes from a recent 2ch thread, which is titled simply: “Acchan… please stop!”. The first comment begins, “I never wanted to see Acchan like this!”, followed by a series of photos from the most recent episode of Busujima Yuriko no Sekirara Nikki:





She is definitely not an idol anymore! Here are some of the comments from other 2ch users:

  • My wiener: no reaction.
  • When you said, “Acchan,” I thought you mean Nakata Atsuhiko.
  • Wota… are you in pain?
  • Wow, it’s so sexy
  • Male wota can’t possibly survive this. Even if she’s getting lot of good acting work, I really didn’t want to see this
  • Show me the boobies!
  • In any case, this drama is really highly regarded.


Author: reika

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  • Maeda should just do AV, she would be one of the most famous of all time.

    • You should f*ck yourself!!