Nyan-nyan Kamen is all over the place

What seemed to start as joke takes on new life. Nyan Nyan Kamen continues to build popularity with a brand new Twitter account, and profile pages in the official sousenkyo guide book.

Despite Nyan-nyan Kamen’s secret identity potentially revealed, the show continues. First, check out Nyan Nyan Kamen’s profile which managed to even appear in the AKB48 Sousenkyo Election 2016 Official guide book:



For those who missed it, some details of her profile page:

  • Born: February 22, 2022.
  • Birthplace: Neo Akihbara
  • Specs: “A mysterious member makes an entry in the election. The candidacy application was initially pending, but eventually accepted. This year’s Dark Horse”!
  • A quote from Kamen-chan herself: “For the sake of AKB48, I’ve come from the future. I’m a slow starter, but let’s make some great memories together. See you all in Niigata!”
  • Description: “Who is Nyan Nyan Kamen? We can’t even guess, can we? Anyway, her costume is so cute!”

Not only that, but she has her own Twitter feed now:


One of her more famous followers? Ariyoshi, Kojima Haruna’s former co-start from ended TV Show Kyowakoku:


Nyan-nyan Kamen, I can’t wait for you to appear in this year’s election!

Source: http://www.nikkansports.com/entertainment/akb48/news/1649428.html

Author: reika

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