Takajo Aki’s secret date surprises absolutely no one

It’s about time! It seems Akicha fell off the radar for a while, but Takajo Aki was seen having a late night date with an unnamed suit-wearing guy.

This news comes courtesy of tabloid magazine, “Shukan Josei”:


What? You can’t find her name? No problem! Here you go:

oh. there it is!

It’s tiny. And even as one 2ch thread notes, this would be a pretty weak story even if it was a joke.

Although, I must admit that this came up sooner than I expected. She was seen on the night of May 12th, just a few weeks after she graduated on May 1st, 2016. The details are pretty mundane: they were seen at a cafe in Tokyo, for about and hour and a half. Then they left. Woo.

The article on Mynavi news is written in a style pretty common with tabloids: unnamed sources, third-party accounts, no names, etc. So take this all with a grain of salt, as always.

But, like the news of Takamina before her, we wish her all the best. One interesting note from the MyNavi article: Akicha is not associated with a talent agency anymore (since she announced being a “freelance talent”) and, if reports are to be believed, she has no media contact. This could mean she intends to to “fade out” and not continue in show business.

Regardless, all the best to her!

Author: reika

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