Kitahara Rie 2016 8th Senbatsu speech (English subtitles)

Here is Kitahara Rie’s speech for the 12th position from the 2016 AKB48 45th Single 8th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

To those who supported me, to those in Niigata who supported me, to those who live in Niigata, thank you very much.

There was a lot of pressure in this year’s election. As captain for NGT48, I knew that being part of the senbatsu was not guaranteed. During the preliminary announcement, I was #50, so I was really nervous leading up to this day.

I wasn’t able to reach the rank that I had aimed for, But I’m very happy that I’m able to be one of those standing here, in Niigata, on a stage, smiling, and able to make a speech. Last year, I said that I was becoming a Niigata girl, and it’s been one years since then. And I realized that I have came to love Niigata even more than I expected.

I watched the Niigata train station overflow with AKB48. And as I left the station, and saw the figures of the other members, I was relieved at coming here. I was so happy that they came. And then I thought that I had really become a Niigata girl.

More than anything, with this position, and for allowing me in the senbatsu, I’m really thankful to all the fans. I’m really very thankful, but I’ve also found something that’s just as important as my fans. And that is all the members I hadn’t met since last year’s election. I feel like I’ve made a new family. It’s like I’m a mother and I’ve gotten a new daughter, so I’ve decided that I want to make them all happy.

I’m not very charismatic and I’m really not that great as captain, but I have confidence that I’ll to be to love everyone, so I definitely want to make you happy. NGT48’s debut has been decided, and I hope to grin NGT up higher and higher. So please allow me, just a little longer, to take the lead in NGT.

Author: jerry

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