Kodama Haruka 2016 8th Senbatsu speech (English subtitles)

Here is Kodama Haruka’s speech for the 9th position from the 2016 AKB48 45th Single 8th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

I’m Koda Haruka, also know as Haruppi, of HKT48 Team H, concurrent with AKB48 Team K. It’s always been my dream to witness this scene as part of the senbatsu. To all of those who supported me, thank you very much. During the prelim announcement, I was called at #8. But during last year’s preliminary round, I was also #8. My heart was racing when I thought about how this year would turn out. I didn’t think that I would actually get into the senbatsu for the first time at #9. I’m so happy.

I’ve been in a lot of situations where I was just one step away from achieving a goal. And rather than think about what to do, I just couldn’t do anything. I’ve always been so close to the senbatsu, and its taken me a long time to get here, I’ve made you feel sad because of that. I’m sorry.

But my fans always supported me, are persevering, warm, and always lifted me up. You always supported me. Truly, you are wonderful people.

And lastly, I’ve always been saved by these words. It’s something that Akimoto sensei said: “You dream is just one millimeter from your fingertips.” Not matter how painful things are, believing that I just needed to continue one step, one millimeter closer, was enough to make me try harder. Everything that I have, it’s all thanks to those who supported. Thank you very much.

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