Shimazaki Haruka 2016 8th Senbatsu speech (English subtitles)

Here is Shimazaki Haruka’s speech for the 8th position from the 2016 AKB48 45th Single 8th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

I resolved that this year would be my last election when I announced my candidacy. Since last years election, I didn’t really do much as an idol, so up until the very end, I really wondered if I should participate. I always thought about graduating. But at that time, it was our general manager, Yokohama Yui who told me not to give up.

I wonder what I should say…

But for me, this year, I didn’t really have a goal. It was a challenging year, and I wanted to know if anyone needed me, if anyone understood me, and would support me, and I continually fought with myself.

This is my last time, and maybe it’s weird that I’d say this. To all of those who supported me, despite not being “idol-like”, and to everyone else who are fans other AKB48 members, who say, “Isn’t it okay to have at least one girl like that?” — I’d like to thank you all, and conclude my speech.

… Tokumitsu-san, do we have time? I’m afraid to do this, but I wonder if I can make a promo announcement, or something.

On July 2nd, the new movie Haunted Campus is coming out. It’s got youth, horror, and love — three things that are perfect for a summer movie. I hope you’ll watch it.

I didn’t think I’d be able to received a #8 rank, so I’m very happy. Thank you very much.

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