Matsui Jurina 2016 8th Senbatsu speech (English subtitles)

Here is Matsui Jurina’s speech for the 3rd position from the 2016 AKB48 45th Single 8th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

To all those who voted and supported me, thank you very much. This year has been very exhausting for me. I came to realize that this mountain is very tall.

I’m very happy, but I’m also very frustrated. But I think it’s motivation that I received from you. And I received many messages saying that it wasn’t over yet. So, I’ve decided.

I, SKE48’s Matsui Jurina, 19 years old, will continue to aim higher. Thank you. I’m so very thankful to be supported my so many people.

Lately, with all of your support, I’ve been able to appear in my first television drama series. And the theme song was an SKE48 song. One of my dreams has come true. Therefore, my next dream will be to take the #1 position in the election.

By next year’s election, I’ll be 20 years old. So I hope that we can make this dream come true together. I hope that you’ll continue to support the AKB48 group and Matsui Jurina. Next year, I’ll definitely be taking #1 back to Nagoya!

Also… I, Matsui Jurina… won’t graduate for another five years! I hope you’ll continue your support.

Author: jerry

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