Long time, no see.

Hello, internet. Are you still there?! You’ve been waiting a long time, haven’t you? Sorry about that.

An email notification from my Google calendar appeared a few weeks ago. It said: “akbzine.com’s anniversary!!”. Come to think of it, this site was started way back in 2014. It seems like such a long time ago, doesn’t it?

Putting that aside for a moment, there’s are just a few things that I want to mention, in no particular order:

  • Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been having health issues, which affects my ability to use a computer for long periods of time. I’m a little better now, but don’t want to push myself too hard.
  • I am not 100% sure if Yuki will be continuing on with us. Well, it’s more like 50-50 chance right now. Like Reika, Yuki recently graduated this year and, well, other things in life are taking priority over writing and translating silly things about Japanese girls on the internet. Unbelievable, right?!
  • Reika is still floating around, after her grand summer tour of Europe. But, like Yuki, she is attempting to become an “adult” now, and that means less time to drool over Hoshino Minami and other useless stuff like that. Ridiculous, I know.

That being said, the reason I mention any of this at all is to confirm that nothing too crazy has happened to us. Like the 48-groups, we are changing. What this means for the site, I’m not sure yet, but we shall see.

Anyway guys & gals, just wanted to say Hi, and see if anyone is still out there. I’ll end by leaving this here:

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