Useless News: Sakura Yuki, cake, cake, cake, Izurina attacks

I’m sure you have enjoyed lots of very useful stuff in these past months. Hopefully, this can change it slightly to some useless things! Today, let’s enjoy the Kagoshima Duo, some cake, more cake, and a wild Izuta Rina on the prowl.

I may have mentioned this before, but let’s re-learn some very appropriate Japanese vocabulary:


This, of course, means: “Long time, no see”. And today, we have yet another appropriate time to use it.

Okay, time for some useless things below!

At a certain angle, Sakura-tan and Yukirin could look the same…

Do you believe everything that you read on the Internet? No? That’s probably a good idea! After reading this 2ch thread, I am beginning to question everything. But first, take a look at this most recent photo of Kashiwagi Yuki:

Kashiwagi Yuki. Actually, It’s Miyawaki sakura

HA! Okay, I lied. That’s actually… Miyawaki Sakura. But don’t hate me, since I’m only relaying what I read on the internet, which is full of truths. According to the thread, the original poster politely informs us all that Miyawaki Sakura has transformed herself into Kashiwagi Yuki, her other Kagoshima counterpart. The commentator notes: “Is this the blood of Kagoshima?”

I am not so convinced, so I did some very serious research:

miywaki sakura kashiwagi yuki

kashiwagi yuki miyawaki sakura

kashiwagi yuki miyawaki sakura

… I think there are some similarities, but I’m still not convinced. It’s definitely not like Sashihara Maiyan!

AKB48 and Cake

Let’s talk about cake. More importantly, let’s talk about Japanese idols and cake. And on top of that, let’s talk about Shiroma Miru and cake. Her birthday came to pass recently (Happy Birthday Miru!!!), and it seems that one cake just wasn’t enough. How useless is this?!

From her Twitter feed:

shiroma miru birthday cake 白間美瑠お誕生日ケーキ

That looks like a lot of calories!

Speaking of cake…

Check out these AKB48 “character” cakes:

That’s not bad, but I think it looks for more like Iriyama Anna than Kashiwagi Yuki.

watanabe mayu birthday cake

Whoa!!! I think that is supposed to be Watanabe Mayu?

… Oshima Yuko?

Maybe putting real people’s faces on cakes is overrated…

I almost forgot the most important cake!

Do you remember Maeda Atsuko? Maybe you remember her gorgeous and illustrious birthday cake:

前田敦子お誕生日ケーキ落としました. Maeda Atsuko’s Birthday cake

What’s that? You don’t recognize this cake? Certainly, no one can blame you for not recognizing this cake, in it’s prefect and whole form. You might be familiar with this version of it:

Imgur GIF

Would you be able to dodge a jump attack from Izuta Rina?

Honestly, I am not sure what to say about this:

Izuta Rina attacks!

What’s going on here? Was she able to dodge? Did the victim counter attack? Did Izurina land on her feet? So many questions.


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