Remembering Yagami Kumi

What’s Yagami Kumi doing these days? It seems that she is assistant MC on a web-based show centered around idols, which you may not have heard about.

A recent 2ch thread opens with the title, “Bring back Kuumin!!!” I can’t say that I disagree with him, as he proceeds to share some recent photos of Yagami Kumi. She is still as cute as ever:

yagami kumi 矢神久美

yagami kumi 矢神久美

yagami kumi 矢神久美

When asked about her recent exploits, another 2ch user chimes in that she has been co-hosting an online-only web show about idols. You can watch the latest episode here:

It seems she never really took off after graduation, which is a pity considering how well liked she was amongst SKE48 fans.

Author: reika

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