AKBingo more popular than AKB itself?

This is according to the experiences of the one and only Kojima Haruna. She greets some foreign guests, visiting from Los Angeles, and she asks if they know AKB48. Their reply is pretty interesting…

The comes courtesy of Kojiharu’s Twitter feed:

Translation: I asked some guests from LA, “I’m part of AKB. Do you know it?” They didn’t say anything about AKB48, but the first thing that that came out of their mouths was “AKBINGO! AKBINGO!” It seems they watch it on the internet. I can’t believe this!

I wonder if their knowledge of AKBINGO has anything to do with certain events or news that may have made it overseas:

Author: reika

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  • Jhonny Pacheco

    i dont understand … so you think muramoto sama is having sex with kojiharu???