Owada Nana proves that cute idols come from cute babies

Not to be outdone by Shibata Aya, Owada Nana also let us know that she was a cute baby as well.

I learned a new phrase today: “The proof is in the pudding”. Therefore, I’ll go straight to Owada Nana’s Twitter feed:

A rough translation: “Some old photos of me when I was little showed up. I’m doing a cat pose in all of them. This is the first time showing everyone Naanya as a child. They’re taken with my older sister and little sister.”

And here is what 2ch had to say about this:

  • “I have a feeling that her sisters are cute too.”
  • “They’re as cute as angels. I could eat this all up.”
  • “Is she bigger than her older sister? LOL”
  • “I forgive you!”
  • “I want to meet her parents. How they hell did you give birth to this?!”

And, finally, not to be outdone when it comes to showing off their favorite idols, another fan posts up pictures of Kojima Mako as a child:

Source: http://www.giogio48.com/archives/49819082.html

Author: reika

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