Paruru: I’m graduating because I’ve accomplished everything as an idol

Courtesy of AKB Shinbun, Shimazaki Haruka gives some insight into what motivated her recent decision to graduate from AKB48.

First, the article in question:

There’s a short interview with a set of questions, and one 2ch thread focuses on question #2, which asks: “What made you decide to graduate?” Her response is (Japanese follows):

“Things like being part of the senbatsu, appearing on music TV shows – as part of AKB48, as far as goals for an idol, I feel as if those goals have all been achieved. And I’ve done all of those things. As for myself personally, I guess you could say, there wasn’t anything more within AKB48.” (選抜に入りたいとか、歌番組に出たいとか、AKB48おいて、アイドルとしての目標が、全て叶ったというか、全部させてもらったからです。自分がこれ以上、AKB48で何かをできる、ってことあまりなくなったとも言えるかもしれません)

There’s a lot more to this interview, but I’ll leave that for someone else to do 🙂

I suppose it all makes sense. We can’t expect her to remain an idol forever, and it seems her other career prospects are going pretty well.


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